Amanda Carlson Guest Post: Top 5 Female TV Alphas


Struck by Amanda Carlson // VBCNote from VBC: Today we have author Amanda Carlson at the blog to talk about her favorite TV alpha females and fill us in on her new urban fantasy novel Struck (get your copy here). 

Thanks for having me on the page today! So happy to be here. I’m a total geek and have always adored strong, female leads, even as a kid. Some of my faves are from books, others from movies. But when I was little, TV was my main go-to. These are the top five female alphas who influenced me.

Here we go:

1) Wonder Woman. As a kid growing up the 70s, there weren’t a ton of female alphas available, especially in my Saturday morning cartoons. I always looked forward to Wonder Woman. She didn’t make an appearance often, but when she flew in on her invisible jet it was totally awesome. I sat up a little straighter and paid a lot more attention. When the TV show debuted in 1975, I was in awe. Truly. I wanted to be Wonder Woman every Halloween. I fashioned my own magical rope. She was my first badass crush.

2) Charlie’s Angels. I think this needs little discussion. They were amazing, and likely all of you thought so as well. I was hooked. For a long time I wanted to be a private detective and go on exotic missions and have a boss named Bosley. I kind of still wish that.

3) Pinky & Leather Tuscadaro. I’m truly showing my true age here, but when Happy Days brought in Pinky, and then her kid sister Leather, I thought innovation had gone to new heights. I was floored, and very, very excited. Leather was everything. Her black leather jacket and the way she took no shit from anyone. She fronted a band and played a mean guitar. I wanted to be a rock star for a whole year. Until I figured out I couldn’t sing. I was so disappointed that they only brought those women on once in a blue moon, but when they did it was awesome.

4) Bionic Woman. If there was anyone I dreamed of being more, it was the Bionic Woman. A woman who was stronger than an average man! The very thought! I had both the Bionic Man & Woman action dolls, and I would fantasize about getting my arm implants all the time. I even drew them on with marker occasionally. I wanted to be the first Bionic Kid. Why not?

5) I would be remiss if I didn’t add Lucille Ball to the list. The woman was a comedic genius. She was very influential to me while I was growing up. If anything, to let it be okay for women to be both strong and funny. I love humor in my life, and I infuse it into all my books. I hope you get a chuckle when your read them ☺ If you don’t, I’m not doing my job.

Thanks for having me on the blog today! My new book, Struck, is out May 24th and features a very strong Valkyrie lead! It’s a fun contemporary fantasy romp. Hope you enjoy it.

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