Book Bits: Julie Kagawa, Devon Monk, Meljean Brook, Brenna Yovanoff


Paper Valentine by Brenna YovanoffFirst, a huge thank you to everyone who donated, bid or spread the word about the Books Fighting Cancer charity auctions. Based on the receipts emailed to me (and I know many of you donated directly) and the Amazon commissions, the Books Fighting Cancer event raised $4,817 for the Barrow Neurological Institute and brain cancer research. Amazing. I was floored by the generosity and kindness of VBC readers and the book community as a whole.

Feel good moment out of the way, let’s talk book news.

Paper Valentine cover
I love it. Posting it all huge to the right because I love it. Brenna Yovanoff probably loves it, too.

An Iron Fey Baby?
Maybe. This fall Harlequin Teen will release an e-novella from Julie Kagawa that features Meghan and Ash’s last story. One that involves an unborn baby. And we’ll know if these two get their happily ever after. The novella is called Iron’s Prophecy and while the release date isn’t scheduled just yet, the back cover copy makes me think I’ll devour it:

Meghan Chase is finally getting used to being the Iron Queen, ruler of the Iron Fey. Her life may be strange, but with former Winter prince Ash by her side at last, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

But when they travel to the Summer and Winter courts’ gathering for Elysium, the oracle from Meghan’s past returns with a dire prophecy: “What you carry will either unite the courts, or it will destroy them.” Now Meghan faces a devastating choice that may determine the future of all fey—and her and Ash’s unborn child….

20 Days of Devon Monk
…which is totally different than 30 Days of Night. Less vampires. Really, though, to gear up for the release of her second Age of Steam novel Tin Swift, Devon Monk wrote a short story set in the Age of Steam world and is posting a chapter up every day for 20 days. Each chapter is on a different site, but she’s linked them all up here in a handy roadmap.

Revisiting Meljean Brook’s Guardian series
Meljean Brook is working on the final novel in her Guardians series. In preparation, she is re-reading all the previous books and novellas and sharing her thoughts and bits of trivia as she reflects on the earlier books. It’s really an interesting look at the books and fun to see them from an author’s perspective, and she’s trying to keep spoilers to a minimum, too. The blog series starts with a post called Falling for Anthony, or you can see all the Guardian Retrospective posts as they are added.

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  1. I love the cover of Paper Valentine it definitely deserves the spotlight.

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