Book Bits: SF/F heroines, Hogwarts, UF holiday, Breaking Dawn and Contest Roundup

Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison is made of awesome. Make sure to watch the NYCC panel video and hear her talk about The Hollows and Rachel Morgan.

I’m planning something fun for Halloween. It will require some participation though. You’ve been warned. Until then, dig into Book Bits.

Authors talk badass heroines at NYCC
I couldn’t attend New York Comic Con, but luckily NAL/Berkley decided to film the great “We’re No Angels” panel. Top urban fantasy and paranormal authors got to together to chat about their strong female characters in SF/F. On the panel were Kim Harrison, Jeaniene Frost, Kristen Painter, Patricia Briggs, Marjorie M. Liu, Sabrina Benulis and Alison Goodman. Watch the video — in three parts — over on The Swivet. (The beginning of the video isn’t perfect, but stick with it. Great discussion follows.)

Because you already miss Hogwarts
I know, you thought you were done. You shed a tear or two when Hogwarts burned in the final film. And we’re done. Or… not? Turns out there was a documentary team on the set during the filming of the final two Harry Potter movies. The cast has to make accept their relationships will change, and the like. This trailer already hooked me. How about you. Will you watch When Harry Left Hogwarts?


Jaye Wells makes up her own holiday
It’s more than that, though. Jaye has decided it’s International Urban Fantasy Month (and advises you to ignore that it’s beginning mid-month). As part of it, she’s offering up a bunch of books to those who write love letters to urban fantasy on their blogs (or hers). Get all the details, and see which books are up for grabs in this totally fun event.

New Breaking Dawn photos
I am doubly required to share this, both for the Twilight fans and for the fans of hot guys. Seven new pictures from the Breaking Dawn: Part I hit the web this week, and we get vampire wedding goodness, a little honeymoon cuteness and Kellan Lutz carrying a tree.

Emmett (Kellan Lutz) carrying a tree in Breaking Dawn: Part I

Halloween Reads
Pocket Books has made several of their great paranormal romance titles a steal at $3.99 each for the digital versions. We’re talking books from Kresley Cole, Jill Myles, Molly Harper, Kristina Douglas and a bunch more. See the full list over at Pocket After Dark and score your discounted copies while you can, because the promotion ends Nov. 1.


Have some book-related news (unless it is an established series, release dates aren’t considered news) or a contest you’d like to see included in Book Bits? Email VBC the details.

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  1. Nil jhonson says:

    It’ll be a great pleasure to watch Kim Harrison NYCC video panel. I think it’ll be good experience in upcoming time. Thanks for letting us know about news. 🙂

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