Book Bits: Stacia Kane, Jeaniene Frost, Kim Harrison, Keri Arthur & Lauren Dane


Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince #2)We skipped Book Bits last week because it was Thanksgiving here in the States. I hope others had a lovely holiday. Mine involved more shopping than was probably necessary (though we skipped shopping late on Thanksgiving or early-morning Black Friday madness), seeing Daniel Craig in all his Bond-y goodness in IMAX, eating more than I should have and having a Downton Abbey binge with my mom. It was a good weekend, in other words.

On to book-related news!

A Terrible Tease
I know you love Terrible from Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series. And you know I love him something fierce. Well, Stacia is working on a novella from Terrible’s point of view. Better yet? It just may be around in time for Christmas. And to whet your appetite for that favorite drug enforcer, she’s posted the first chapter of the Terrible novella. Go. Read. Report back.

More Vlad!
I’m excited for Twice Tempted, Jeaniene Frost’s followup to Once Burned. The cover art has been released, and while that still isn’t what I picture Vlad looking like (I think it’s the super flowing hair), I continue to be excited. I’ve posted the cover to the left, but you can see the step-back image (extra hair flowing!) on Jeaniene’s blog.

In extra good news, she announced the Night Prince series will be three books instead of two. That means one more book after Twice Tempted. This pleases me.

Get a Taste of Keri Arthur’s Latest
If you’re a fan of Keri’s Dark Angel’s series, then I have a treat: an excerpt from book five. Darkness Unmasked is set for a June 2013 release, but you can read a tiny bit right now. It’s short, but sassy.

Bring Kim Harrison to Your Town
No, really. She’s willing to add one more date to the Ever After book tour and is letting the fans help pick the city. Plus, there’s a contest. Nominate your town and get all the details on when you might get to meet Kim Harrison.

So Ready for Going Under
The third book in Lauren Dane’s Bound by Magick series will be Gage’s book and nom. Er, I mean, you can read the first chapter on Lauren’s website (click the “read an excerpt” link when you get there).

6 Responses to “Book Bits: Stacia Kane, Jeaniene Frost, Kim Harrison, Keri Arthur & Lauren Dane”

  1. Julie says:

    Oh, how I love me some Terrible!!! Vlad is pretty awesome too, though I think he wouldn’t like being called “awesome”. LOL

  2. Smash Attack says:

    ZOMG! Thank you for telling me about Kim Harrison! COME TO ATL!! heh

  3. I can not wait for Terrible POV novella to come out!! Super excited.

  4. Amy M says:

    I was so excited to read the Terrible snippet and now I can’t wait for the novella. Fingers crossed it really will be available around Christmas

  5. CBear says:

    Chess, Terrible and all of Downside, is it just me or does anyone else feel it is like crack!!! I need it!!! Thanks Stacia Kane for snippet.

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