Carolyn Crane Guest Post: Supernatural sidekicks for authors


[From VBC: Today we turn over the blog to the super fun and totally awesome Carolyn Crane. If you haven’t started her Disillusionists Trilogy, the first book is Mind Games. Start now. The third novel just released yesterday, and we convinced her to draw pictures for our amusement as we prepare to dive into Head Rush.]

Greetings, readers! Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate the ebook release of Head Rush (get it at Amazon), the final installment of the Disillusionist Trilogy. (And also, thanks to Chelsea for having me here, and saying I could draw as many pictures as I wanted.)

I was thinking lately: a lot of urban fantasy characters have sidekicks with special powers. But, urban fantasy authors could use a little help, too. I can think of a lot of supernatural sidekicks that authors could use…or at least THIS author could use them.

Magical anti-wasting-time-on-Twitter bird Magical anti-wasting-time-on-Twitter bird
This bird pecks the author in the head when she dawdles too much on Twitter. Facebook and email versions of this bird might also be helpful.

Magical Wiki-monkey!Magical Wiki-monkey!
The magical little friend would raise the alarm when the author remembers a detail wrong from the previous books. Readers totally notice this kind of thing!!

Paranormal PMS birdParanormal PMS bird
This handy supernatural sidekick helps authors who have PMS remember not to get overly reactive to things online that might not upset them on a normal day and to refrain from leaving irritated, unconstructive comments.

Good Cover GoddessGood Cover Goddess
The Good Cover Goddess has been with me in my career, and I hope she sticks around. Every author needs the Good Cover Goddess.

Bad Cover GoddessBad Cover Goddess
I just wanted to draw her, because of course I am just so made of time here on release week that I must draw extraneous cartoons! Maybe I need a pecking bird for that. Why am I even drawing cartoons for a book release? Which brings us to…..

Anti-authorly second-guessing birdAnti-authorly second-guessing bird
There are so many decisions an author has to make all the time! Well, you can’t second guess yourself or this supernatural sidekick will peck the hell out of your head!

Magical typing word count monkeyMagical typing word count monkey
This monkey adds words to an author’s work in progress as she sleeps! Not just any words, but good, smart words. Yippee! This is especially nice for an author like me who far prefers to revise. I would revise this monkey’s work.

Paranormal anti-jealousy-of-other-authors birdParanormal anti-jealousy-of-other-authors bird
When jealousy of another author’s cover or sales or success or whatever else rears its ugly green head, Paranormal anti-jealousy-of-other-authors bird puts a stop to it! Peck!

Magical insecurity-pecking birdMagical insecurity-pecking bird
This er…kind and helpful bird flies in the window during times of authorly insecurity to deliver a helpful peck on the head.

Guest post monkeyGuest post monkey
Guest post monkey is a magical being that arrives to when an author has a guest post to do and thinks of awesome ideas…then creates the entire guest post. On time! Guest post monkey! Hellllllp!

10 Responses to “Carolyn Crane Guest Post: Supernatural sidekicks for authors”

  1. Dren says:

    OMG I totally love the Bad Cover Goddess!! Carolyn you are amazing! LOL Great post!

  2. CdnMrs says:

    So freaking hilarious!

  3. Xandra James says:

    That just made me laugh… ;D

  4. Synde says:

    Carolyn you are freaking hilarious…

  5. Victoria Sloboda says:

    That was too funny!

  6. Lexi says:

    Bad Cover Goddess made me laugh! What a great sense of humor Carolyn!!!

  7. Smash Attack says:

    Hilarious! I love Anti-authorly second-guessing bird! Actually, all the pecking birds rock. I think even non-authors need Magical anti-wasting-time-on-Twitter bird. Make it happen, Carolyn! ♥

  8. Judith says:

    Nice post. The pics and descriptions made me smile.

  9. Pamela Spaz says:

    Carolyn is so hilarious. Awesome post.

  10. Carolyn your guest posts are the best! 😀 Love your cartoons and your sense of humour! Congrats once again on the release of Head Rush!! 🙂

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