Cover Reveal: Mated in Mist by Carrie Ann Ryan


Are you hooked on the Branded Pack series? If you dig Carrie Ann Ryan’s shifter books, it’s time to check out Talon Pack. We’re revealing the cover art for the third book in the series Mated in Mist. It releases on Feb. 16, 2016, but you can pre-order it now. Each book works as a stand alone, but you can bide your time for Mated in Mist by checking out Tattered Loyalties (book 1) and An Alpha’s Choice (book 2).

Mated in Mist by Carrie Ann Ryan // VBC

The Talon Pack continues with an outcast witch and a wolf who can see past the darkness.

As Heir to the Talon Pack, Ryder Brentwood carries the responsibility of not only protecting his Pack, but ensuring its future. Only no one knows that as he does this, he must also shield his people from their past. When a witch with no ties bursts into his life, he must decide if he can overcome the depravity of his secrets and trust the one person who could break the fragile hold on his control.

Grieving over the loss of her twin and on the run from the unknown, Leah Helm knows she is far more alone than she thought possible. Her coven shunned her before she was born and the wolves she sought protection with are in a war of their own. When a wolf with a whisper of secrets is forced to work with her in order to protect their people, she finds she might not be so alone after all.

The world knows more than they ever have before about those shrouded in darkness, while Ryder and Leah are thrust into the center of a conflict they never should have been part of to begin with. On their journey they must not only fight those against them, but the burning temptation that is flaring between them. Fate might have paved their path, but that doesn’t mean they have to follow.

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