Dani Harper Guest Post & Giveaway: 10 Things You Should Know About Faeries


At Night In The Elvenforest 3D CgFrom Chelsea/VBC: Today we have Dani Harper here at VBC to teach us the essentials about faeries. Her latest Grim Series book Storm Warned just released, and in it the hero and heroine have to protect both the human and fae worlds. Seems like these tips would come in handy there. You’ll find a sweet giveaway at the end of the post. Enjoy!

My new Grim Series is bringing ancient faery legends into modern-day America. The stories have been inspired by Welsh and Celtic lore, and although there are many variations on the old legends, some traits of the Fair Ones remain consistent.

  1. Faery creatures come in many shapes and sizes and types. A few appear human-like in their natural form. Some are shapeshifters and can assume a human appearance, but are entirely different beneath the magic! One thing to remember, however, is that although it became popular in Victorian times to depict faeries with wings, the old stories rarely mention such appendages. Faeries simply used magic when they wished to fly.
  1. Beauty does not equal “good”, and ugliness does not mean “bad”. Many Fae are ethereally lovely in appearance, even angelic to look upon. But kindness, compassion, and good looks don’t necessarily go together. Never forget: ALL faeries are dangerous!
  1. Faeries are extraordinarily long-lived, almost immortal. They can be killed, however – and usually by each other. If attacked by one of the Fae, a mortal might be successful in defending himself with a tool or weapon made of iron, or its alloy, steel. Iron is poisonous to faeries, and a wound inflicted by this metal will not heal easily.
  1. Faeries may appear contemptuous of mortals but in truth, they’re often fascinated by us. Many of the Fae envy the human capacity for true and deep emotion, particularly love.
  1. Never trust a Faery. The Fae as a whole are easily offended, and quick to anger. They often punish humans for real or imagined slights. Worse, they’re utterly unpredictable. They can be both friendly and hostile, helpful and mischievous, kind and cruel. Faery vengeance can take the form of curses and spells, violence, or destruction of property. A ruined crop or a fallen roof could be the result of insulting a faery.
  1. While it’s best to avoid places where you might encounter Faeries, you can also be proactive. Many of the Fae are susceptible to flattery, and regard offerings as their just due. In Wales, as in many parts of the UK, it was traditional to leave a saucer of milk and a bit of bread on the back porch for the faeries, in hopes of either protecting the farm and livestock from pranks, or to entreat the “Fair Ones” for a favor.
  1. By using magic, the Fae can become invisible to human eyes or take on other forms. A few humans are naturally gifted with “second sight”, the ability to see faeries despite their spells. If you don’t have the sight, carry a four-leafed clover or a primrose blossom with you – they will enable you to detect a faery. Also, a stone that has a natural hole through it can be used as a window to the “otherworld” when held up to the eye.
  1. The Faery Realm is not governed by human laws. The Fae are amoral, not only indifferent to questions of right or wrong, but often unaware of such concepts. For instance, they think nothing of kidnapping a particularly attractive mortal – and how the mortal feels about it seldom matters!
  1. Despite their peculiar outlook on right and wrong, the Wild Hunt – a band of faery nightriders, their followers, and their hounds – dispenses a rough kind of justice on mortals who cross its path. Faeries appear to be most offended by disloyalty, unfaithfulness, and betrayal of any kind, and so adulterers, cheats, thieves, and murderers are often ridden down and forced to join the Hunt forever.
  1. Did I mention that all faeries are dangerous?

My new release, Storm Warned, is the third installment in the Grim Series, but the book can stand alone. Readers have already commented on how delighted they are that the story reveals more of the Faery Realm and its inhabitants.

Storm Warned by Dani Harper // VBCSTORM WARNED (Book 3 of the Grim Series) by Dani Harper

Passionate musicians Caris and Liam grew up centuries apart. When their fates collide, they must learn to trust each other and work together to stop a dark force from seizing both Fae and human worlds. 

When Caris’s unearthly musical talent attracts the attention of the Wild Hunt, the Welsh farm girl is stolen away to serve as a faery grim, a herald of death. Two centuries later, she’s finally escaped back to the human world—and into the present-day life of a reclusive and heartbroken American musician.

Music was Liam’s whole life—until a crushing betrayal left him desperate to flee the public eye. Yet long-dormant passions awaken within him after a powerful storm strands a beautiful, strong-willed woman on his isolated farm. When a fae prince bent on ruling both human and faery realms threatens Caris’s life, Liam must decide if he can finally believe in love again, not just for her sake—but for the sake of two worlds.

From the bestselling author of Changeling Moon, this sweeping and passionate story of paranormal romance follows two souls from different centuries who lost everything…and found that only love can save them.


Open to USA, UK and Canada. Winners will be contacted by the author via email. Runs until midnight EDT on April 13, 2015.

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15 Responses to “Dani Harper Guest Post & Giveaway: 10 Things You Should Know About Faeries”

  1. Nancy says:

    If you see one pretend you don’t, keep your eyes down , and keep on walking.

  2. Michelle Sanders says:

    I’ve always heard that you should NEVER accept a gift from a faerie. If you eat something of theirs, then they own you and you can never leave. If you accept a physical gift, then you are indebted to the faerie queen and you never know when she will call in the favour, or what will be asked of you.

  3. Ashley says:

    I know not to drink or eat anything from a fae.

  4. Terri Crossley says:

    I love all the great facts you share with us about the Fae world! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  5. Suzan Lacey says:

    No other precautions that haven’t been mentioned! Loved Storm Warned and can’t wait for more in the series!

  6. Heather says:

    I know that you need to leave bread, milk and honey to keep them appeased.
    Ranyons charms!!
    Iron keeps them away

  7. Victoria says:

    I’ve heard that salt around the house will keep them out. They cannot lie but can sure twist the truth.

  8. Linda says:

    Yep, I wouldn’t go to a dinner party hosted by the Fae! Lol

  9. SharonS says:

    One of the reasons I love the Fae is because they live in a moral gray area” you can’t predict what they will do, that makes them great characters 🙂

  10. Katie says:

    Love me some giveaways!!

  11. erinf1 says:

    thanks for the awesome post and giveaway! I’ve heard to never let them know you see them 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  12. Emme says:

    Another precaution I’ve heard is to be careful about using “true” names. Knowing a name can give you (or them!) power over the named.

  13. Dani Harper says:

    Many thanks to the Vampire Book Club for inviting me to post on their blog! I had a lot of fun with this article, and I enjoyed reading the comments. Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

    CONGRATS TO VIKI S — her name came up as the winner of the giveaway. Viki, I just emailed you!

  14. Victoria says:

    Thank you :).

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