Early Review: Death’s Daughter by Kathleen Collins (Realm Walker #2)


Death's Daughter by Kathleen Collins // VBC ReviewDeath’s Daughter (Realm Walker #2)
Kathleen Collins
Published: March 31, 2014 (Carina Press)
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Review source: copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Amy

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

Note: While this review will be spoiler free, it will reference the previous book in the series. We suggest starting with Realm Walker.

It has been a couple of weeks since the events in Realm Walker. After being demon-ridden and coming out of it alive, Thomas hasn’t been speaking to Juliana. She figures it’s because of the method used to free him of the demon and the secrets about her lineage this exposed.

While she’s wondering about the state of their relationship, it’s not the only thing on her plate at the moment. Someone has been kidnapping Altered children. ‘The Thief’ has been taking the children right out in the open and no one remembers seeing a thing. Anyone able to pull this off must be wielding some major power. All Juliana knows is that she needs to find the children and stop anymore from being taken. To achieve this she’ll have to work with the human police as well as get permission from her boss at the Agency who most certainly wants her fired.

It was really nice reading this second book now that the world has been established. With the kidnapping case and working with the police, Death’s Daughter has a very procedural vibe about it. I didn’t get this same feeling with Realm Walker, I think because there was very little of the human element involved, since Juliana was tracking down a demon and things were much more focused on Altereds and the Agency.

As with Realm Walker I liked the dynamic between Juliana and her mate Thomas. I like that even with Juliana’s hesitancy about their relationship, she doesn’t shut him out completely. She genuinely wants to work things out with him and vice versa. Thomas’s unwavering patience while waiting for Juliana to make her decisions is both sweet as well as the right thing to do considering their past. Everything with the relationship was very subtle, never over shadowing the case with The Thief and the children, but still getting the attention and page time to allow it to shape itself and grow.

Even though this is Juliana’s story/series through and through, I like the inclusion of Thomas’s POV. It just adds another layer to the story to see situations, as well as Juliana herself, from someone else’s perspective. It also cuts down on a lot of misinterpretations.

The situation with The Thief was written very well. I enjoyed the twists and turns and seeing Juliana take charge of the case both solidified her as a badass and backed up the fact that she is the best at her job. But even being the best doesn’t always guarantee successes. Kathleen Collins wasn’t afraid to take some risks with her characters and I’ll be very interested to find out the backlash from certain events in Death’s Daughter. I’m also anxious to get back to Juliana being back in the thick of things with the Agency proper.

There were some issues put on the back burner after Realm Walker and only touched upon in Death’s Daughter, and there were also things started in this book that I’m looking forward to continuing in the next. Only two books in and Kathleen Collins already has me hooked and highly anticipating the third book in the series.

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5 Responses to “Early Review: Death’s Daughter by Kathleen Collins (Realm Walker #2)”

  1. Lee says:

    I’m looking forward to this one. And you have me curious to know what issues were put on the back burner in this follow-up!

  2. Sarah L says:

    I read Realm Walker based on your review and absolutely loved it to pieces. I have been a fan of Kathleen Collins on Facebook ever since and to my joy received an early copy of this last week. I so agree with your review, it was totally awesome and I am even more hooked on the series than I was! Just 2 books into the series it’s already one of my favourites.

    • Amy says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book too! When I first read Realm Walker everything just clicked for me in regards to things I like in a book / series. I was really happy that this continued to be the case with Death’s Daughter too. Great series!

  3. Ayana says:

    I enjoyed the first book! And I didn’t know the second book will out this March! I’m so excited for it now thanks to you! 🙂 Good review Amy!

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