Early Review: Demon Forsaken by Jenn Stark (Demon Enforcers #2)


Demon Forsaken by Jenn Stark // VBC ReviewDemon Forsaken (Demon Enforcers #2)
Jenn Stark
Published: Aug. 29, 2018 (Elewyn Publishing)
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Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Amy

Rating (out of 5): 5 stars

Note: While this book will be spoiler free, it will previous reference books. If you haven’t started this series yet, check out VBC’s review of book 1, Demon Unbound or our review of the first book in the prequel series, Getting Wilde.

As we learned at the end of Demon Unbound, in order for the Syx to reach redemption, all of the Sxy must be redeemed individually. This time around it’s Finn’s turn.

Finn, formerly a Fallen—although he can’t remember any of this time meaning he doesn’t know what sin he committed to become a member of the Syx—is tasked by the archangel Michael, aka the Hierophant of the Arcana Council, with obtaining a mysterious list from an antiquities collector in Ohio.

The catch: Finn only has 24 hours, and unfortunately, he’s not the only one looking for the list. Finn will need all the help he can get to meet the deadline successfully.

As a security expert, Dana Griffin has lived her life making sure others are safe. When Finn shows up looking for an artifact from her uncle’s collection, it forces Dana to face some hard truths about the life she’s led and the family that raised her.

With the 24-hour time limit, and especially with the midnight deadline, Demon Forsaken reads like a fairy-tale premise. Albeit instead of turning back into a pumpkin our “prince” will turn back into a demon, but I liked the connotation.

Even though it’s only the second book in this spin-off series, I feel like Demon Forsaken, goes the furthest, initially, in distancing itself from its parent series, despite having more cameos from the Sara Wilde series (including one from the lady herself).

I think it’s the premise of angels and demons, good and evil that stands well on its own. There are some interesting revelations that I feel could work well as another spin-off series. A whole untapped mythology is given deference. A lot of ground that could easily be covered on its own merit. But as I said, initially Demon Forsaken feels distant from the world Jenn Stark has created, but by the end she wraps everything back together seamlessly.

At its center, there’s Finn. He’s given the opportunity to do a task for the Lord and if he’s successful, at midnight, he’ll be able to ask for a boon. So what would a former Fallen, currently demon, Syx ask for? It’s not as simple an answer after the events of the day.

Even though this series is supposed to be more paranormal romance, I liked that Jenn Stark didn’t go over-the-top with the attraction between Dana and Finn. Instead the spark between them was like an awakening on both sides. There’s a good balance between the romance, Finn dealing with his unknown past, Dana dealing with revelations about her life, and the issue of finding the highly coveted list so it all flows nicely and never feels too congested.

After everything that happens and all the characters learn and go through, I really wish we’d get another book with Finn and Dana. I feel like there’s so much more there that I want explored. Demon Forsaken was an excellent read not only within the world/series it inhabits, but also on its own as well. I look forward to seeing how the series continues from here.

Sexual content: sex

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    Aaaaaah, I’m so looking forward to read this!

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