Early Review: Raisonne Curse by Rinda Elliott (Brothers Bernaux #1)


Raisonne Curse by Rinda Elliott // VBCRaisonne Curse (Brothers Bernaux #1)
Rinda Elliott
Published: July 14, 2015 (Samhain)
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Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Amy

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

What do you do when you’ve been scorned by a lover and your pride gets the best of you? Well, of course, you put a curse on that person, what else? That is a simplified version of how the Raisonne women came about the terrible curse that plagues the women of their family. Beginning with her grandmother years ago, the curse has finally made its way to Elita and her cousins Ava and Audrey.

Elita ran off to Boston trying to distance herself from the curse. Of course running never works, so after a particularly bad accident (always associated with the curse), Elita has returned home to Louisiana and her grandmother. With the curse getting worse every day, Ma’man Raisonne tells Elita “you hafta go see de brothers Bernaux.”

Pryor Bernaux and his brothers Wyatt and Mercer inherited their magic from their father and uncles, as they inherited it from the men in the family before them. They are your go-to stop for all your hex removal needs. And, once someone asks for their help, they cannot turn them away. The payback for using their magic is oftentimes worse than the curse itself, but them’s the breaks in the hex removal business. When Elita Raisonne shows up asking Pryor for help, he feels a pull toward her that he’s never felt for another woman, or wouldn’t allow himself to feel if he has his way. Unfortunately by helping Elita, Pryor stands to lose more than just his heart to her.

I loved the setting of this story. Louisiana is a hot locale for urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors as of late it seems, but there’s something about the bayous that are so steeped in superstitions and mystery. I literally don’t think there is anywhere else this story could have taken place, and Rinda Elliott brings out all the beauty and danger that can lurk in the water wonderfully.

I also found both Elita and Pryor to be really likable characters. It helped soften the instant attraction they have for each other which can be hard to pull off. It also helped that both Pryor and Elita acknowledge the fact that they’re moving fast with things.

It was interesting to me how much these two families, the Bernaux and the Raisonnes, are intertwined. I was a little surprised at the direction the book ended up taking. We start out with Elita’s problem with the curse but it’s clear very early on that things aren’t going to be easy in breaking it and that’s when this first book turns into a setup for what we can expect with the other two books. There’s also a lot of mystery surrounding the brothers’ magic, such as why they have it and the way it manifests. I think in figuring out this Raisonnes’ curse the brothers will discover a lot about their own curse.

The word I’d use to describe the Bernaux boys is yummy. Seeing as how this is technically their series I suppose it’s only right that they dominate the scenes. If you’re looking for a good book boyfriend you have three very fine contenders right here. We don’t get too much of Mercer and Wyatt in Raisonne Curse, but it’s definitely enough to whet your appetite while waiting for the next book (which I’m betting and hoping will be Mercer’s).

I loved this one. It is definitely up to Rinda Elliott’s standard. I now wait with anticipation for where things will go next.

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