Eve Silver Guest Post: A letter from Lokan


Fall into (Urban) Fantasy with VBC and MBWRemember when I fell head-over-heels for Eve Silver’s Body of Sin? I told you Lokan would be your favorite of the soul reaper brothers, despite how much you may have loved the guys in the earlier novels. Today we have a guest post from Eve in the form of a letter from Lokan. Get a taste of him below, and then pick up a copy. I promise, it’s going to end up on my Best of 2011 list.

by Eve Silver

I would die for her. Dana. My daughter.

I did die for her. I allowed myself to be murdered so she could live. I imagine that you wonder about that. You wonder why I thought she would be safe if my murderer roamed free. The same thoughts crossed my mind, but in the moment, there were no other choices I could make. And once I was dead, I forgot who it was who killed me.

In moments of lucidity, I knew that I believed I had a plan. I was an immortal soul reaper. I couldn’t die. I thought my demise would be temporary and I would find my way back. Things didn’t work out quite that neatly. My murderer dismembered my body and banished my soul to a null zone, a sort of purgatory that robbed me of all I was and all I could ever be.

I write to you from that cold, dark place. I floated for eternity. I knew everything and nothing. I was locked in a prison without form or walls. I had nothing but time, and I honed my patience like a blade.

Pain found me, and with it knowledge. I remember now the name of my murderer, and his face. I remember my brothers. I understand that I am born in this pain, that my brothers have found a way to reunite my body with my soul.

I am no longer dead.

My name is Lokan Krayl, and I am back—with a vengeance.

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