Excerpt from Cinda Williams Chima’s The Sorcerer Heir


Today we have a taste of Cinda Williams Chima’s latest novel The Sorcerer Heir. The book is the final in her Heir Chronicles and comes out Oct. 21. (You might want to pre-order The Sorcerer Heir.) The series features all sorts of magical types. However, today, we’re focused on the sorcerers. As we do.

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Sorcerer Excerpt from The Sorcerer Heir:

“I hoped your father might know something about Thorn Hill—who was behind it, what kind of poison was used.”

“Tyler?” Once the dam broke, the questions came, one after another. “Why would Tyler know about that?”

“I don’t know that he did,” Jonah said. “We were looking for people who were at Thorn Hill but who left before the massacre, and we found Tyler. See, the problem is, everyone there died, except for the kids, and we were too young to know what was going on. Gabriel thinks it must’ve been sorcerers who made the poison, since wizards are no good at that kind of thing.”

Emma flinched a little at that, shifting her eyes away.

She feels guilty for some reason, Jonah thought. Why? Does she know something I don’t?


Those with magical powers in The Heir Chronicles series by Cinda Williams Chima are known as the Weir. The World of Weir blog tour leads up to the release of the can’t-miss series finale, The Sorcerer Heir (in-stores October 21st) by celebrating the magical fantasy world and the five types of magical guilds. Follow along for playlists, nail art, and more inspired by the series, plus exclusive excerpts from the upcoming finale.


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  1. i cant wait for to read this!!

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