Excerpt from Faith Hunter’s Dark Heir


Dark Heir by Faith Hunter // VBCFaith Hunter’s latest Jane Yellowrock novel Dark Heir releases in just over a week (April 7, pre-order it), and VBC knows many of you are ready for more Jane and Beast kicking ass. Though, the fanged foe in this one is going to give our heroine some serious trouble.

To help with the wait until the book hits shelves, we have an exclusive excerpt from Dark Heir, and if you want more check out the blog tour for Dark Heir.

“Update,” I said.

“Eli and Derek and three security guys are running through the Quarter, chasing a smoking fanghead-zombie-thing. I guess no one told the zombie-vamp-that the sun was up and he needed sunscreen.” Alex made a sound that could have been an attempt at laughter but fell far short. His levity was a crack at sounding macho, when he was really in panic mode.

I decided to not respond to it, saying instead, “Tell them to be careful. (The vamp) has a wyrd of power and he knows how to use it.”

“I know.” Alex’s voice went grim. He sounded harder, older, than he had only this morning. “We all know. Debrief,” he said, ready to catch me up to date on the missing four minutes. “Eli put a mag and a half into him as you went all Jedi knight and attacked. In the next half second, Joses used the spell on you. Eli jumped behind the half wall. He wasn’t hit. Derek appeared from the hallway and filled the zombie with silver. He took a spell-hit too, but not near as strong as yours. He dropped back through the doorway and out of line-of-fire. Then Eli put nearly a full magazine into the zombie’s back. The vamp didn’t use the spell this time, but the rounds didn’t even slow him down.

2 Responses to “Excerpt from Faith Hunter’s Dark Heir”

  1. Brenda R. says:

    I got to read an advanced copy. Faith Hunter hits it out of the park! (Baseball season is about to start. 😉

  2. Faith Hunter says:

    Thanks for hosting me here!

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