Exclusive Excerpt of Elisabeth Naughton’s Ravaged


Ravaged by Elisabeth Naughton // VBC ReviewThe 1001 Dark Nights series has delivered us some seriously delicious stories. We’re talking paranormal sexiness from Lara Adrian and Larissa Ione.

We know it’s good.

So we were really excited to see the latest in the multi-author collection was from Elisabeth Naughton. If you haven’t checked out her Eternal Guardian novels, you really should.

However, if you’re new to the series, Ravaged could be an excellent gateway book for you. The novella, which just released on June 9, features a former Guardian bent on a revenge and a totally awesome woman who pulls him back from it. You don’t need to have read the other books to enjoy this one, but we expect those who are already hooked on Naughton’s work will want to devour it.

We managed to snag an exclusive excerpt from the book just for VBC readers. Enjoy!


Daphne blinked several times and tried to make sense of her surroundings. She definitely wasn’t on Olympus.

Slowly, she pushed up on her arm, wincing at the sting in her side. A soft bed lay below her. An eerie gray light shone through the window across the room. Sitting back in the pillows, she glanced around the bedroom with its dark furnishings and high-beamed ceiling and tried to figure out where the heck she was.

Her memories were a foggy mess. She remembered talking with Athena and Zeus. Remembered being in the woods with Sappheire. Remembered those daemons showing up. Remembered running and being struck in the side. Remembered…

Her eyes grew wide as her mind flashed back to the warrior she’d seen battling those daemons. To his mismatched eyes. His wild look. And the way he’d focused on her as if she were his next victim.

Throwing back the covers, she pulled up the long shirt she was wearing and checked her side. Four thin, red lines crossed her skin from her hip to just beneath her breast.

Confusion tugged her brows together. She brushed her fingers over the sealed wounds that should have killed her and tried to remember what had happened but couldn’t. Tried to figure out how long she’d been out of it but drew a complete blank.

Her gaze drifted to the bed beneath her, the floor, then finally to the window. Cringing at the pain in her side, she pushed to her feet, then moved toward the window. Her breath caught as she pulled back the curtain and gazed out at the snowy forest and acres of mountains that disappeared in a dark gray sky.

No other houses. No other signs of life. Just miles and miles of wilderness and snow as far as the eye could see.

Her heart pounded as she let go of the curtain, swallowed hard, and turned to look around the room again. The walls were made of logs. Dark, scuffed hardwood floors ran beneath her bare feet. The sleigh bed she’d been sleeping in was old but more than comforting.

Think, Daphne.

Her hands shook as she pressed them to her cheeks. The crazed Argonaut had obviously brought her here, wherever here was. He must have sensed she was a nymph. Zeus had said he had a weakness for nymphs, and that meant she was over her first hurdle—finding him and not getting killed. She wasn’t sure how he’d healed her, but just the fact he’d bothered meant she was halfway to her goal. And that meant all she had to do next was make nice and…and seduce the psycho so she could complete the second half of her mission.


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