Final Round: Ryodan vs. Reyes Farrow [Alpha Showdown 2013]


VBC: Home of Alpha ShowdownWow! This year’s Alpha Showdown has certainly been epic. We’ve had heated battles from the very beginning, surprise upsets throughout (we’re still surprised Vlad didn’t make it past the first round as he is the original Prince of the Night) and a whole lot of finding new reads. I hope you guys have had fun with this event and found yourselves some new book boyfriends.

That said, it’s time for the final two to battle it out. We’re changing things up a little bit for this final match. The polls will be unlimited. You can vote as many times as you like, and we’re extending the voting period through Monday.

So. Four days. Vote early and vote often.

It’s up to you if the 2013 Alpha Showdown winner will be Ryodan, one of the mysterious Nine, or Reyes, the son of Satan.

Reminder: Every (non-spam) comment on an Alpha Showdown post will enter you to win books featuring the final four alphas. So make sure to join the discussion and cheer on your favorite alphas.



Iced by Karen Marie Moning


You know him from: The Fever Series and Iced by Karen Marie Moning
First appeared in: Vocally in Bloodfever, physically in Dreamfever
Supernatural status: We’re too scared to ask

Championed by: Krista from Vampire Book Club

Every once in a while a character comes along who terrifies you, while at the same time obsessively intrigues you. You know you shouldn’t be attracted to them, but you just can’t help be dragged under their spell. Ryodan is this and so much more. The words alpha and omega should be defined by the standard he sets. So the final outcome of the Alpha Showdown 2013 is a foregone conclusion. To paraphrase Ryodan’s own words, if they’re stupid enough to show up, they’re stupid enough to die.

Some may argue that Ryodan is a more civilized version of Barron’s or the beta to Barron’s alpha but they would be wrong. This thin veneer only makes him more dangerous.

“She thinks he’s not an animal like Barrons. That he’s more civilized. She’s right, he is more polished. But it only makes him more dangerous. With Barrons you expect to get fucked up royally. With Ryodan you don’t see it coming.”

He’s the “devil in a business suit,” perceiving everything until finally making a decision. Then everyone who “pissed him off or offended him or just breathed wrong dies.” Ryodan isn’t the person who pushes you off the cliff. Instead he “allows” you to come to the conclusion that it was your own idea to jump off the cliff. Not that he couldn’t easily throw you off said cliff. It amuses him to do it this way.

“They don’t call him the master of manipulation for nothing. Barrons breaks heads. Ryodan turns them inside out. Barrons fucks you up. Ryodan makes you fuck yourself up. He pushes buttons and rearranges things to his own private, coolly sociopathic plan.”

He has the lethal magnificence of an ancient predator. He is at the top of the food chain and he revels in it. He has the crafted, impossible beauty of Greek statue, but the scars of a violent life. He doesn’t wear underwear because it chafes (“Too small and confining”). He likes sex for breakfast, “early and often.” He is the only man who can survive a fight with Barrons. The Nine (un-killable creatures like himself) are more loyal to him, than they are to Barrons.

Barrons calls him when he needs back up. He suffers no inner conflict on his choices, his needs or his actions. He is the ocean and everyone else is the earth that he shapes to his whims. He is everything which we should idolize and demonize at the same time.

There is no question in my mind and shouldn’t be in any other sane individual’s—Ryodan is the clear-cut winner of this Alpha Showdown. The rest are just pretenders. They may as well not even show up.

Ryodan says it best, “I’m King, Liege, Lord, and Master.” The rest of you are just cannon fodder.

First Grave on the Right by Darynda JonesReyes Farrow

You know him from: The Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones
First appearance is: First Grave on the Right (VBC review)
Supernatural Status: The Son of Satan

Championed by: Jo from Vampire Book Club | @Jo_VBC

I see a lot of vampires, some weres and even a dragon in this year’s Alpha Showdown… but only one son of Satan. That’s right, VBC readers, make way for the one, the only Reyes Farrow.

Born from the heat of supernova, he grew to be the General of Hell, leading thousands of soldiers in countless wars… and he gave it all up for a girl. That’s right, Rey’aziel (he’s name literally means the Beautiful One!) said a big FU to his dad and became Hell’s public enemy No. 1 to spend a mortal lifetime with Charley. He didn’t just turn his back on Hell though, he decided to stand directly in the path of what his father wants most, fighting on the front line to keep Heaven and Earth safe.

Inhumanly fast, bordering on indestructible and with an immeasurable IQ, he can take just about anything on. He can fight in his corporeal and incorporeal forms AT THE SAME TIME (yep, he can be in two places at once). When corporeal he’ll use that lethal body to take you out, but when incorporeal he’ll severe your spine without so much as a mark. He’s literally badass enough to scare the dead.

But it isn’t just all about the fighting, oh no. He can be compassionate and kind, he loves with his whole heart and would die in a heartbeat for those he holds close. He’s always willing to make himself look like the bad guy (or in some cases to actually be the bad guy) in order to protect someone else. His Alpha energy may intimidate people on an instinctual level, but for those who truly know him, he inspires unwavering loyalty.

Oh and he does all this looking like tattooed sex on legs, rendering most women speechless when he walks in a room.

Ultimate Alpha = Reyes Farrow. ‘Nough said.


This poll will be open until 11:59 p.m. CST on Monday, June 3. Alpha with the most votes will take the title.

567 Responses to “Final Round: Ryodan vs. Reyes Farrow [Alpha Showdown 2013]”

  1. Myranda says:

    Well, it looks like the contest is over even with a couple hours remaining to vote. We put up a good fight but the votes have spoken. Thank you VBC for putting on this contest! It’s a lot of fun and I love seeing all the Alphas up for consideration. There were a ton of awesome alphas this year and it was hard to make a decision between these amazing contenders throughout the showdown. Thank you, as well, to all of the authors who have created such wonderful characters and stories for us to be so passionate about! You all rock!

    Reyes for Ever! ~ Darynda’s Grimlets

  2. Dana says:

    Congratulations Ryodan! You, hot man you! Love KMM and the fever series, so happy you won! Thank you VBC, all the authors, and most of all the alpha teams. YOU ROCK’d! We loved every gruelling minute of it! Crazy, happy times. Reyes forever ~ Darynda’s Grimlets!

  3. Nicole says:

    Thank you VBC for this contest its been so much fun learning about new books to read. I’m going to have to read these books. But Reyes is my man. If you haven’t read the books you should! Thanks for the fun!

  4. I have had such a blast during this Showdown. Thanks VBC for hosting this great event!

  5. Chelsea says:

    I want to thank Karen Marie Moning and Darynda Jones for having the amazing imaginations they do! Also for never giving up and therefore giving us such great stories! Reyes is one sexy son of satan and Ryodan is a sexy beast! Love the books authors, keep em coming! Grimlet Power! #reyes4ever

  6. Grimlet Tiffany says:

    Reyes you will always have my heart! I have voting till my finger’s hurt and we went head to head with some die hard readers and with that I say Congrats to Ryodan fans you have giving me a new book to read! Congrats to Karen Marie Moning for the great books you write I hope to get one soon so I can start on a new series! And Thanks for this awesome Showdown it had been a blast and I can’t wait till next year! Darynda Jones ROCKS!!!!! Reyes Forever!!!

    • dij says:

      Make sure to start with the beginning of the Fever Series:

      The MacKayla Lane Novels:
      1. Darkfever
      2. Bloodfever
      3. Faefever
      4. Dreamfever
      5. Shadowfever (#1 NYT best seller)

      The Dani O’Malley Novels:
      6. Iced
      7. Burned (out Jan 2014)
      8. Flayed (no release date yet)

      9. Unknown
      10. Unknown

      Thanks for a great competition! You guys were great!

  7. Julie says:

    Go Reyes!

  8. Michelle says:

    This has been an awesome contest and cut me to my core. I love PB’s Adam Hauptman and KMM’s Ryodan, but only Reyes can steal my heart! Great job fellow Grimlets for showing the love. Great job to all the wonderful authors who know how to write such fantastic characters! Thank you VBC for hosting this awesome contest!

  9. Congrats go to Ryodan and all his fans! This was a close fight for much of it, but I gotta give props. Both sides worked hard for their Man!

  10. Faith says:

    Thanks VBC this contest has been fun. I can not wait until next year! And can not wait to check out some of these other authors! Darynda’s Grimlets are awesome XOXO

  11. Stormy Grimlet says:

    Thanks to VBC for hosting this event….we Grimlets are small in number but we were heard….REYES!!!!! It’s been great fun getting to know everyone and our camaraderie is growing by leaps and bound…There is always next year!!!!!

  12. Larri Williams says:

    Love Ryodan! Such a dark and mysterious one! Can’t wait until a book is all about him!

  13. Alex says:

    This has been a blast! My had hurts from looking at numbers all weekend. Win it loose I’ve learned about new books that I look forward to reading thanks to VBC. Reyes will always be my Alpha!! Darynda rocks!

  14. Chelsea says:

    VBC you are awesome! Chelsea, you seriously rule!!! I have loved both years I have participated in the Showdown! From begining to end it is wonderful seeing all the Alphas and who wins and who loses! Congrats to Moning and Ryodan for 2013! Love this contest, definitely do it again next year!!! 🙂 Grimlet Power #reyes4ever

  15. WOOHOO!!! What a fun ride!!! Thank you to all the Grimlets and ALL the fans! You are all winners in our books. I know I am speaking for KMM as well when I say you make all this so worthwhile. Your love and support mean the world to us!

    Congrats, Ryodan and KMM! I have enjoyed sharing the field of battle with you as well as with ALL the other alphas.

    • Chelsea says:

      Darynda is the best! Congrats to KMM also, love her books, (though I like Barrons more than Ryodan)
      Grimlet Power #reyes4ever

    • Casey says:

      We love you too!!

    • Grimlet Tamran says:

      woooohoooo!!! Love you too beautiful lady! Congrats girl and congrats KMM!!! You both make my world such a better place because of what you put on paper!

    • Kristin D says:

      Thank you Daynda! It was fun to see an Alpha actually hold his ground against the MM’s…us Grimlets love you. Can’t wait for the next one!!!

    • Amber Hughes says:

      You rock D! We love ya!

    • Darynda, you are so awesome! Reyes fought a good fight! We got this next year! 🙂

    • Fallen (for Ryodan) says:

      Ms. Jones,

      I have yet to join the Grimlet ranks, but rest assured you’re going to be gaining another follower soon! Your fans have shown that they are amazing people who are just as passionate about the world you’ve created as we “Maniacs” are for KMM’s fictional world. It’s been a battle of epic proportions, and it’s been a pleasure to see the level of class and respect that you and your fans have shown.

      May you always stay to the lights!

  16. Chelsea says:

    Grimlet Power #reyes4ever

  17. CAnDiE says:

    Thank you VBC for an awesome poll contest! The best of the best Alphas were in attendance!!! While Reyes is my fave, I LOVE Curran, Adam and Ryodan! What wonderful characters have been created by our favorite authors! Love ya Darynda and KMM!

  18. I love that I found lots of books that I have added to my TBR list. I gotta find out about Ryodan and why he is so loved!

  19. Lori k says:

    Congratulations to Ryodan and all who voted for him! I have been voting until my fingers hurt and all batteries have died. Can’t wait for next year! Reyes is still my #1 but Ryodan I can’t wait to see what you are all about! I think I know what is next on my tbr list.

  20. Its been a wonderful experience being able to show the love to not only the characters we love but the authors that give them life! Congrats to all the authors!! Congratulations to all the Alphas nominated! Just being included makes you a winner!! For those that have advanced into the final rounds – Freaking Fantastic!! Love KMM and the Fever Series, this was definitely a hard round! Decisions, Decisions!! YIKES! Congrats Ryodan! Thank you VBC!! LOVED getting to know new characters and authors!! YOU ROCK! Reyes forever ~ Viviana, Dutch Grimlet!

  21. Grimlet Tamran says:

    Congrats to Ryo!!! I love KMM and I am such a big fan of her Fever world! Thank you VBC for these polls, as I myself have learned of some new authors to read one day. Thanks also to all the voters. This has been a blast!! Y’all tore the walls down on this thing!! So glad that I was a part of it all 🙂 Good times had by all and I celebrate everyone’s victory with some cookies! Reyes Forever!! *Darynda’s Grimlets*

  22. Gail Siuba says:

    Congrat to Ryodan. I’m looking forward to reading his book. 🙂
    Gotta love Reyes, hopefully he’ll be #1 in another catagory. 😉
    Thanks for the fun!

  23. Amber Hughes says:

    Thank you VBC for another great year of the Alpha Showdown!! Looking forward to next year too! So many great alphas in this showdown. Congrats to KMM & Ryodan 🙂

    Reyes for Ever ~ Darynda’s Grimlets

  24. Gigi Staub says:

    Ryodan for the win 🙂

  25. Chelsea says:

    If you haven’t read the Charley Davidson books, do so. They are hilarious, fun, and seriously great books! If you haven’t read KMM’s highlanders, do so that are amazing with sexy highlanders! The Fever series was great also, so there you go over 10 books to read and drool over!
    Also Darynda Jones has a YA Trilogy that is beyond awesome and truly wonderful reads, third book isn’t out yet but the first two are wonderful! Grimlet Power #reyes4ever

  26. Danielle says:

    I have actually read all of Reyes books and all the books Ryodon has been in…I would love to see Reyes win and Ryodon win next year(hes the Reaper). I agree that you should only be aloud so many votes.

  27. Congrats KMM! Your fans have some hard core love for you!

  28. Amy says:

    Love you Ryordan even though you messed up a bit…. Jo… Really its cool though I see you got to get it somewhere smh someone’s going to get hurt regardless you sexy heartbreaker you

  29. Carole says:

    Karen Marie Moning must be have some very devoted fans to come out in these numbers for Roydan. I hope my fellow Grimlets and I, although much smaller in numbers, have given the Roydan fans a run for the ultimate showdown. I hope those of you not aware of Darynda Jones and her fabulous GRIM REAPER series give her books a read. Between Reyes (the son of Satan), Garrett Swopes (also very hot) and of course Charley Davidson, I know you will be entertained and probably in need of a cold shower. Thank you VBC for hosting this contest.

  30. Chelsea says:

    Kudos to KMM fans and Specifically Ryodan fans, you sure know how to give us a run for our money! 😉 Congrats, and can’t wait to see you all back here next year! Grimlet Power #reyes4ever

  31. Casey says:

    Congrats to Ryo! I haven’t personally read any of KMM’s books but I will now. I’ve had so much fun with this and getting to know good people. I look forward to this again! Thank you VBC! Reyes forever
    Grimlets forever! Love Darynda!!

  32. Marie Brown says:

    WOW! What a fun showdown this was! This was my first time doing voting for a showdown but It wont be my last! Thank you VBC for this wonderful contest and thank you SOOOO MUCH to all the authors and fans that participated!! CONGRATS to RYODAN! LOVE ME SOME KMM! Can’t wait for next years Showdown! Thanks again VBC!

  33. Ok neither was really a fave, I am still a Curran fan with lad being a close second!

  34. I thought the last round was tight, but man this one has been a roller coaster ride. It’s great to see such loyal fans!

  35. Rebecca Randolph says:

    With out a question it is Ryodan. He is my all time favorite and KMM rocks

  36. Ash says:

    As much as I hungered for Ryodan’s victory, I really enjoyed this competition. From both groups (Team Reyes and Team Ryodan). I’ve never read of Reyes, but his devoted and passionate fans here have inspired me to. They fought hard and their strength deserves to be commended. 😀

  37. Chelsea says:

    I am honored to know the Grimlets I have been voting with for Reyes, I am even more honored that there are so many fans out there voting for Ryodan! It makes me so happy to see the love everyone has for books, characters, and authors! I am a librarian and I see so many people who think that reading is lame…THIS proves that reading is NOT lame! *pumps fist* Reading is awesome! So thanks VBC, Darynda Jones, KMM, and all the voters!
    Grimlet Power #reyes4ever

  38. Because of all the loyalty to KMM and her men, I bought Dark Fever and it’s next on my TBR list. With loyalty like that, I had to find out what all the hype is about! Congrats KMM.

    • BB says:

      I really hope you enjoy it! First Grave is download & waiting for me on my kindle & it’s next on my list to read. You guys really gave us a run for our money, it’s been so much fun!

  39. Misty S. says:

    Wow! This was so much fun! Can’t wait for next year. 🙂 Congrats KMM and Ryo! I had to stick with my man Reyes on this one but it sure was a fun ride. The best part was finding new books to read. As if my TBR pile isn’t big enough. Oh we’ll, totally worth it. Congrats again, see you next year!

  40. Thanks to the wonderful Darynda Jones for creating such a wonderful character that has stolen our hearts!

  41. Ashey says:

    This was so fun! Thanks for putting this poll on! My Grimlet Girl Friends you are amazing!
    KMM Ryo girls-Congrats to you! Throwing a handshake and a hug your way!

  42. Ashley says:

    This was so fun! Thanks for putting this poll on! My Grimlet Girl Friends you are amazing!
    KMM Ryo girls-Congrats to you! Throwing a handshake and a hug your way!

  43. mm says:

    Go Ryodan!!!!!

  44. Brittany says:

    I do have to say that I have enjoyed myself this past week. I got a late start with the voting since I didn’t know this existed (But boy am I glad that I do now!!!!) I’m a hardcore Moning Maniac and can tell you all who have any of her books on your TBR list that you will get sucked in! I cannot wait to start reading Darynda Jones’ works and am excited to see what the hype is about and don’t think I will be disappointed! Thanks VBC for hosting this and I can’t wait til next year!

  45. Athena W says:

    Yes! Go Ryodan you alpha you!

  46. Fallen (for Ryodan) says:

    Thanks to VBC for doing this again! It’s been fun (and intimidating) watching this play out. I know a lot of people have issues with the unlimited voting in this final round, but I think it was great that you let the fans fight to their hearts content for their chosen alpha. 😀

    Thanks to Darynda Jones and her Grimlets for putting up an amazing fight. I’m not counting you guys out until the last minute, lol. If any group of fans could make a comeback, it seems as though you’re the group that could.

    Thanks to KMM for Ryodan. He’s my main dude, and it’s been such a blast voting for him. I’m ready to be BURNED! <3

  47. Sabrina says:

    This was so much fun!! Thank you VBC for this years Alpha Show Down. Thank you to all the awesome authors for writing such sexy Alphas for us to drool over and love reading about.I had to keep voting for my man Reyes. Thanks to all my Grimlet sisters. Congrats to KMM and Ryo for winning this years Alpha Showdown

  48. Karla says:

    I always love this time a year because of this showdown. Not only do I get to support my favorite males but I get to learn about new ones. This showdown has introduced me to my many book boyfriends like Barrons, Bones, Vlad, the boys of the BDB and many more. Now I’m excited to start reading about Curran and Reyes!

  49. Lexie says:

    Congrats to KMM and all the fans that voted for Ryodan. Thank you to all those that continued to fight for Reyes. We should be proud that we put up a good fight. And had fun moments while voting for our Alpha.

    Thank you to VBC for the showdown. I have already started reading the Kate Daniels series after having met Curran during his battle with Reyes. I was curious and just had to know more about him. 🙂

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