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FireworksIt’s Independence Day here in the U.S., and that means all sorts of good summer-y things. There will be barbecue action, sunshine and fireworks. I’m big on fireworks. Though, we’re not allowed to set off our own displays here in Texas (we’re in a drought, so there is a burn ban in effect), I’ll be taking the husband to watch the city’s big display later tonight. How can you not like pretty explosions in the sky?

I digress. In honor of this fine holiday, I thought we’d talk about character fireworks — specifically those lines and exchanges between hero and heroine that indicate romantic sparks. (Quotes may be from later novels in the series, so spoilers are a possibility. Titles appear before all quotes to help you skip, if you like.)

From Unholy Magic by Stacia Kane

“I figure you really wanted me you’d say. Like now, maybe, if you dig. I’ll fuckin carry you down your place on a run, you tell me aye, get you on your back afore the next word comes out your mouth. But you oughta have yourself certain, causen I ain’t lookin for charity, an I ain’t lettin you go after. Once…once ain’t enough for me, dig?” (read the review)


From Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill

“You undo me, Merit. Wholly and completely. You don’t take me at my word. You challenge me at every opportunity. And that means when I’m with you, I am less than the head of this House…and I am more than the head of this House. I am a man.” He stroked my cheeks with his thumbs. “In my very, very long life, I need you more than I have ever needed anything.” (read the review)


From Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning:

“His hand was on my throat, and he was crushing me back with his body into the cold steel beam behind me. “Yes, I have loved, Ms. Lane, and although it‘s none of your business, I have lost. Many things. And no, I am not like any other player in this game and I will never be like V‘lane, and I get a hard-on a great deal more often than occasionally.” He leaned fully against me and I gasped.

“Sometimes it‘s over a spoiled little girl, not a woman at all. And yes, I trashed the bookstore when I couldn‘t find you. You‘ll have to choose a new bedroom, too. And I‘m sorry your pretty little world got all screwed up, but everybody‘s does, and you go on. It‘s how you go on that defines you.” His hand relaxed on my throat. “And I am going to tattoo you, Ms. Lane, however and wherever I please.” (read the review)


From One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

“You called her Kitten? And she let you? She put me in a coma for three days when I called her that? My balls never recovered from her smashing them into my spine?”

“And well she should have,” Bones agreed. “She’s my Kitten, and no one else’s.” (read the review)


From Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

“Because we can’t be together.”

“Because of the age thing, right?” I asked. “Because you’re my mentor?”

His fingertip gently wiped away a tear that had escaped down my cheek. “That’s part of it,” he said. “But also… well, you and I will both be Lissa’s gaurdians someday. I need to protect her at all cost. If a pack of Strogoi come, I need to throw my body between them and her.”

“I know that. Of course that’s what you have to do.” The black sparkles were dancing in front of my eyes again. I was fading out.

“No. If I let myself love you, I won’t throw myself in front of her. I’ll throw myself in front of you.” (read the review)


From Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

“I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came…and I was awakened.” (read the review)


From The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook

“He cupped her face in his hands, made her meet his gaze. Solemnly, he said, “I heard you say that when two people love each other, they fight through everything together. Every doubt, every challenge, every pain. Fight with me, Mina. Please. You are the only one for me, for as long as I live. And if you love me, fight with me.” (read the review)


I could pull favorites all day long, but would rather see which quotes are your favorites. (I expect at least one of you to pull a quote from Outlander.)

9 Responses to “Fireworks: Character sparks”

  1. GREAT quotes!! I’ve read them all but the 1st and last one.

  2. Definitely feelin’ the spark! Great choices!

  3. I love ALL of the quotes– so good. Sigh. I know this isn’t the best one about Adam, and one from him would be better but if I get my books out I’ll want to reread them ALL tonight. LOL

    “I knew he would never leave me, never let me down- because the man had never abandoned anything in his long life. If I hadn’t taken the gold rope of our bond, I knew Adam would have sat on me and hog-tied me with it.”
    — Mercy from Silverborne by Patricia Briggs

  4. shannonB. says:

    “You’re mine, mo duinne,” he said softly, pressing himself into my depths. “Mine alone, now and forever. Mine, whether ye will it or no…Aye, I mean to use ye hard, my Sassenach,” he whispered. “I want to own you, to possess you, body and soul…I mean to make ye call me ‘Master,’ Sassenach.” He soft voice was a threat of revenge for the agonies of the last minutes. “I mean to make you mine.” (Outlander obviously!)

  5. Jo says:

    I think that’s all I can do or say right now and make some screaming, garbled fan girl noises 😛

  6. marina says:

    whow! Barrons! having that kind of a man telling you he is getting a hard on for you !!!!!!

  7. Judi says:

    I love those quotes! I’ve actually read 4/7 of those books. Good choices.

  8. Arlia says:

    Yeah, pretty good choice. They just make me sigh. 😀

    Here’s one for the list: (From an anthology including Karen Chance–one of my most favourite authors.) It may not be as beautifully spoken, but (in my opinion) it’s just as heart-wrenching.

    “You didn’t know that!” Cyrus said with his best you infuriate me glare. “When I woke up in those damn restraints and realized you might be off getting killed and I couldn’t do shit about it—”

    “It’s my job.” But while that was true, it wasn’t the point, and we both knew it. “And you’re… I couldn’t risk you,” I added awkwardly.

    “Run that by me again?”

    “You have to understand…” I trailed off, watching emotions chase themselves across his face: worry, fear, and then something a lot more desperate. It was obvious that he didn’t understand. “You’re not dispensable,” I finally said. “You’re one of only two indispensable people in my life. You have to know that.”

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