Giveaway: ARC of Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti


Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti // VBC ReviewYesterday we told you how much VBC’s Amy liked Rebecca Zanetti’s Mercury StrikingThe post-apocalyptic novel blends romantic suspense with dystopia, and that, my friends, is our jam. It’s the first book in the Scorpius Syndrome series, it releases next Tuesday, and we want you to read it.

While the guaranteed path is to just pre-order the book right now (you can go to Amazon, we’ll wait), we also have an extra ARC of the book. Now, this is the uncorrected proof, but it’s the same version we read for our review. It’s very good. If you want to snag the ARC of Mercury Striking, simply fill out the form below and cross your fingers. We’ll select a winner at random.

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17 Responses to “Giveaway: ARC of Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti”

  1. Brad says:

    seems intresting.

  2. Alison R says:

    I really like Rebecca Zanetti and ARCs are just so much cooler than pre-orders!

  3. Kelsey C. says:

    Rebecca Zannetti is starting to become an auto buy for me.

  4. Louise says:

    Another one for my tbr pile

  5. Ellie says:

    So excited! I’d love to have the ARC to this book.

  6. Nancy says:

    Love the end of the world as we know it books

  7. Victoria Sloboda says:

    Because her books are good :).

  8. Kamelia says:

    Sounds interesting

  9. Liz S says:

    I love Rebecca Zanetti’s stories because she has great character development and engaging plots. This book looks great. Thanks for the contest.

  10. Timitra says:

    I love post-apocalyptic stories and this one sounds really good!

  11. Lingeorge says:

    Why not? Hot Hero to lead through the bad places….. what’s not to like?

  12. Anca B. says:

    I would love to win this book. I love Rebecca Zanetti’s books and I think this story would be just as interesting as her other series.

  13. Mary Preston says:

    I must admit to judging by the cover – WOW!!

  14. BookLady says:

    I enjoyed Rebecca’s Dark Protectors series and would love to win a copy of the first book in her Scorpius Syndrome series. It sounds fascinating.

  15. Jess fox says:

    It’s Rebecca Zanetti, NUF SAID!

  16. Damaris says:

    I’m not a fan of post apocalyptic stories, but I do like this author and I’m curious to see how she does it.

  17. Melissa B in IL says:

    I liked Zanetti’s other series, and this one sounded interesting!

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