Introducing Urban Fantasy World Problems


It’s hard to be an urban fantasy heroine. It’s not easy to live in a world with magic and vampires and the constant need to save the world. And, damn it, sometimes you just need to vent. So, for all those urban fantasy heroines (and everyone who loves to read or write the genre), there’s an answer: Urban Fantasy World Problems.

You’ve seen the other memes, but did they feature references to vampire boyfriends, ancient prophecies and the problems with leather pants? Megan S. from Stellar Four and I developed 17 #UrbanFantasyProblems for your viewing pleasure. See half here, and half over at Stellar Four (I’ll link you again at the end). And if you end up loving these, there just may be a contest at the very end of the post (hint hint).

#UrbanFantasyProblems - Staked My Boyfriends

#UrbanFantasyProblems - Saving for Silver Bullets

#UrbanFantasyProblems - Leather Pants and Panty Lines

#UrbanFantasyProblems - I Just Cleaned Up This Mess!

#UrbanFantasyProblems - Moon Booty Pass

#UrbanFantasyProblems - Glitter Everywhere

#UrbanFantasyProblems - Still No Hoverboards

#UrbanFantasyProblems - No Room for Ice Cream

#UrbanFantasyProblems - Working on Witty Comebacks

Want more? Head over to Stellar Four for the other half of our #UrbanFantasyProblems images.


But first! If you’re been working on your own witty comebacks and think you could do better with these #UrbanFantasyProblems, I want to see it. You’re a clever bunch, and I’m curious to see your suggestions.

Two ways to enter:

1. Tweet your best ones with the hashtag #UrbanFantasyProblems. Make sure you follow @ChelseaVBC, so I can DM you if you win.

2. Take this blank #UrbanFantasyProblems graphic and make your own. Upload the image to Facebook and tag Vampire Book Club and Stellar Four. Stellar Four will post all the the photo entries July 31.

I’ll randomly select three Twitter and/or Facebook entries who posted on or before 11:01 p.m. CST on July 30 to win their choice of any title VBC has reviewed (see the full list). This contest is open internationally, provided The Book Depository ships to your location.

3 Responses to “Introducing Urban Fantasy World Problems”

  1. AH says:

    These are great! Loved the leather pants/panty line one.

  2. These are hilarious–Buffy’s expression is the icing on the cake! More UF teen angst, please!

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