Jeaniene Frost Guest Post & Giveaway: The other “super” in superheroes


[From VBC: We’re very excited to have Jeaniene Frost on the blog again today. And we’re so anxious for Once Burned, her spinoff book featuring Vlad. It comes out in June and at the end of this post there’s a chance to win advanced copies. With that, we turn it over to Jeaniene.]

Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost (Night Prince #1)I’m fresh off a superhero high after seeing The Avengers this weekend, but aside from my new found love for The Hulk, the movie also got me thinking about the attributes of larger-than-life heroes and heroines. If you haven’t seen The Avengers yet, I’ll describe the members of the team. There’s Ironman, a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” named Tony Stark who fights evil while wearing an incredibly high-tech suit; Thor, demi-god of the planet Asgard, whose hammer-wielding badassery is only eclipsed by his mighty biceps; Steve Rogers’ Captain America, a formerly brave yet scrawny man who was transformed into a superhuman through breakthrough genetic tampering; The Hulk, whose non-mean-green-and-ready-to-ream personality is mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner; Black Widow, former Russian spy Natasha Romanoff who uses her looks, wit, and lethal fighting skills to save the day; and Clint Barton, nicknamed Hawkeye, a S.H.I.E.L.D agent whose skill with a bow and arrow makes Legolas look like a child playing cowboys and Indians. Although not a fighting member of the Avengers, the mastermind behind them is Nick Fury, human director of the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D.

What I particularly loved about The Avengers is that three of the six superheroes are regular humans. See, my books feature supernatural creatures – in this case, vampires – fighting evil and finding love with humans. I get asked a lot about compatibility issues in a human/nonhuman relationship and I think the movie gives a great example of how being compatible has more to do with will, perseverance, and bravery than with matching supernatural abilities. Black Widow doesn’t have any otherworldly abilities – or a high-tech Super Suit – yet she’s critical to the success of the Avengers because of her other strengths. Same goes with Hawkeye. Tony Stark, even without his Ironman suit, is still instrumental to the team because of his intelligence. Sure, having the ability to withstand injuries that would kill a normal person (Captain America), or a huge magical hammer (Thor), or enough strength to throw a demi-god around like a rag doll (The Hulk) are also critical, but they’re not enough to defeat the villain and his army without those extraordinary yet “regular” Avengers.

As I said, I’ve played with the same themes in my books. My vampires may have abilities like super strength, telekinesis, mind control, or the ability to fly, but that doesn’t make their human counterparts less extraordinary, in my opinion. Take my upcoming novel, Once Burned. In it, my heroine Leila is a human whose exposure to a massive dose of electricity left her with some unusual abilities; namely, her body gives off voltage and she picks up psychic impressions through touch. While those abilities initially throw her together with my hero, a pyrokinetic vampire named Vlad (yes, that Vlad :)) it’s her mental fortitude that impresses Vlad the most. Without that, Leila would have been merely another tool he used against his enemies. But her inner strength proves so captivating that even the uncrowned Prince of Darkness ends up drawn into the most high-stakes battle of all: falling in love.

I’m going to assume that everyone agrees mental fortitude is important, but just for kicks, if you could have any supernatural ability (flying, mind control, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, shapeshifting, a big magic hammer, Hulking-out, etc.) what would it be? Everyone who answers will be entered to win one of two advance reading copy of Once Burned.

1. To enter, you leave a comment on this blog post answering Jeaniene’s question above.
2. You do not need to follow Vampire Book Club to be entered, but we sure do like it.
3. This contest is open internationally.
4. Contest closes at 11:59 p.m. CST on June 3, 2012.
5. The winners will be selected using Random.org. Then each will be contacted via email and given 48 hours to claim her prize. If we do not hear from the winner(s) within that time, a new winner will be selected.
6. Entrants must be at least 18 years old or have their parent’s permission to enter. Please review our privacy policy, if you have any questions as to how Vampire Book Club uses your information. (Short version: we’ll only use it to contact you for this contest.)
7. Though unlikely, Vampire Book Club has the right to change or cancel any giveaway at any time without prior notice.
8. Vampire Book Club is not responsible for prizes lost or damage in transit.
9. Big thank you to Jeaniene Frost for providing the two ARCs of Once Burned.

1,079 Responses to “Jeaniene Frost Guest Post & Giveaway: The other “super” in superheroes”

  1. Annette says:

    Hmm… definitely telekinesis. Very powerful in a fight (stop bullets, throw random objects at attackers, twist their heads off, weeeeee FUN!) , and doubles as a “flying” power as well, since you can lift yourself, or, barring that, lift a carpet with yourself on it. Aladdin, anyone? 🙂

  2. sulakshana sur says:

    I really love cat, who has some mean fighting skills, but a super power i would love to possess would be mind control, you wouldnt even need to fight if you could control the mind of your opponent. Its really neat if I could read and control minds. Telekinesis, also an extension of mind control is in my opinion a convenient power to grow into.

    Cant wait for the 26th June,

  3. Daphne says:

    The power of Calm and Reasoning, it works fast and feels like a euphoric drug to the person or peoples I pulse it to. It would give them the ability to make the moral or right choice together for the situation.

  4. patricia burrows says:

    I would love to be able to shape shift

  5. Iulia Lesley says:

    Shapeshifting! I’m absolutely obsessed with all things shapeshifter related hehe, but another great ability would be telekinesis. Just like the idea of controlling everything with my mind.

    Can’t wait for the book to come out! Love the Night Huntress series!

  6. Liv says:

    Telekinesis!!! Would love to be able to move objects with the mind only

  7. Andraste says:

    I’d have to say shapeshifting then if I wanted to I could turn into a dragon and fly and breath fire which would be awesome.

  8. Heavyn says:

    Definatley shape-shifting although I have to say being able to fly would be pretty awesome to but to be able to sift into a bird would kind of settle that matter. I would rather be able to shift into a tiger or something else really cool to rip my enemies heads off! Hahaha that would sure throw them for a loop!

  9. Heavyn says:

    Shape-shifting for sure! Although it would be cool to fly too but shifting into a ird would settle that I guess. It sure would throw your enemies for a loop if you shifted into a tiger and ripped their head off! Hahahahaha

  10. Jennifer says:

    I would think that shape-shifting would be awesome, then you can have the best of both worlds in relation to flying which would be my runner up ability.

  11. Janet W. says:

    Flying would be awesome. No wasting time in traffic.

  12. Heather G. says:

    First the ability to read minds, my kids are nearly teens. Enough said. Then super strength. So I could take care of anyone and anything I might hear with power #1. Especially once my girls start dating! Groan. Don’t mess with mama! 🙂

  13. Tasnim S says:

    I would love to fly 🙂

    tasnim-sheikh at hotmail dot com

  14. Annabelle Tate says:

    Shapeshifting, 🙂

  15. Lilian says:

    First of all, if I could only choose one, it would be definitely shapeshifting. But not just into one animal. Animals, people, objects. A mystique kind of power. I wouldn’t mind the blue skin.
    If I could have others… Pyrokinesis and telekinesis, like Vlad and Leila. I know it would be difficult, but you can handle it well if you have great people on your side =) Blood magic like Kate Daniels, would be awesome! Super strength too, of course. Oh, it all rocks.
    The other “super” powers that I like I can handle by myself, like fighting, archery and be a swordmaster. I will already start my kickboxing lessons 😉 hahahahahaha
    Anyway, I love you, Jeaniene and thank’s for the giveway!

  16. Paulo says:

    I Wish i could time travel, i would go back and turn myself into god, And thanks for the giveway, Jeaniene!

  17. Cheryl says:

    I would have to say shapeshifting because I would love to be someone or something else when I don’t want to be me. 🙂 My other option would be pyrokinesis, who wouldn’t want blue flames coming off their hands. 😀

  18. Zainab says:

    Can we only choose one? Because I would like to choose pyrokinesis, invisibility, and flying. If I had to choose just one, though, I’d choose flying. I would love to be able to travel anywhere without worrying about traffic. Plus, if I had the energy, I could travel overseas haha.

  19. Judy says:

    If I could have a superpower, I would love to have the ability to negate other’s powers. That way noone could work their powers on me or around me. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  20. Proserpine says:

    Hi! Thanks for this giveaway! I think I would love to have a mega superpower and own the coolest of all powers! LOL My favorite would be a mix of shape shifting, mind control and healing! I would love to be able to fly too!!!

  21. Brenda says:

    Teleportation. That way I’d never have to deal with traffic again, and I could go on vacation whenever and wherever I wanted. Tahiti here I come!

  22. Heidi says:

    Definitely telekenisis!!!! What an awesome power to have – to move any object with just a thought!!!! Just think of the fun you could have. Plus think of how handy THAT power is in a battle!!!

  23. Jessica says:

    make myself multiple and fly

  24. Sheri Henstra says:

    I would have to say the ability to control weather, storms wind and such. It would be neat to say the least

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