Join VBC at Reading Until Dawn Con Next October


Reading Until Dawn ConventionI love reader conventions.

The initial draw of reader conventions is the chance to meet your favorite authors. This is always such a blast, especially as many authors aren’t able to do book tours. Meeting them in person and getting a book signed is a treat, but at conventions centered on authors interacting with readers you get the opportunity to actually hang out with them.

The first time I attended a book convention, I thought that’s what I would enjoy most. And while I loved it, I think the absolute best part is being surrounded by people who love books as much as you do. No one at a book convention is going to judge you for having overflowing bookshelves or buying three new books when you already have a hundred on your Kindle that you haven’t read.

Basically book conventions = my people.

So, I was really excited when my friend Casey said she was going to put on a new book convention—Reading Until Dawn Con—in Denver. I always feel like I’m flying to the coasts for conventions, and a Denver trip is going to be delightful. RUDC even has it’s own twist: it’s all about the games. We’re even working an Alpha Showdown-related game. Seriously. Straight-up shenanigans and lovin’ on the book boyfriends for a weekend in Colorado. Not a bad deal, right?

Reading Until Dawn Con is Oct. 8-11, 2015, and featured authors include Darynda Jones, Jess Haines, Jeffe Kennedy, Megan Hart, Tessa Bailey and more. Registration for the convention just opened and is only $75 today. The price goes to $85 starting Nov. 15. (If you’ve been to any conventions, you know that’s a steal.)

I’m planning to attend, and you should, too. Hit the comments and let me know which conventions are your favorites.

2 Responses to “Join VBC at Reading Until Dawn Con Next October”

  1. Amanda says:

    Ha, I have family in the area! I will totally be there 🙂

  2. Candace says:

    ALPHA SHOWDOWN GAME? Oh hell yes! *points to self* TEAM VLAD, BABY!

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