Katana Collins Guest Post & Excerpt: Top 8 Reasons Why We Love Paranormal Heroes


Katana Collins, authorHello, everyone and thanks for having me here! It’s hard to believe after all this time, that Monica’s trilogy is finally coming to a close. I’ve loved telling her story every step of the way and it’s surreal to sit here without her constantly in my head!

For those who don’t know—my heroine, Monica, is a succubus/fallen angel hybrid. And she is in a constant struggle with what she wants vs. what she should want—and all the desires that fall in between. I’ve known from a very early stage in the book how Monica’s story would end, and it got me thinking (what with all these delicious paranormal heroes vying for her attention): What is it about these sexy supernatural heroes that we love so much?? I’m assuming that none of us actually want to be bitten and drained of our blood…not even by the sexiest man. Nor do we want to be in a co-dependent relationship with a demon. But in paranormal romances? These men have my pulse racing.

So, as writers are wont to do, I’ve compiled a list. The top reasons why we loooooove our paranormal heroes:

1) Unbelievable Strength
Ummmm, nothing says ‘strong’ more than a man who can lift a car and toss it over his shoulder like it’s a balled up piece of paper. There is safety within physical strength. And let’s face it, the idea of feeling light and small as he lifts you in his arms…well, ::sigh::, I think it’s a fantasy we all dream of, no?

2) Ungodly Beautiful
These men are supernaturally hot. They are all six and a half feet of massive musculature, chiseled brows, cheekbones, jaws and chins, with bodies that are described as being carved out of stone—whatever your physical preference is in a man…a paranormal hero has it and then some!

3) Stamina and Supernatural….um, shall we say, Drive?
Okay, ladies. Let’s get real for a moment. Those same reasons that make a paranormal hero stand out from your typical human hero—the magic abilities, the crazy speed, strength, etc…all those abilities also extend into the bedroom. And in the same way that their physical beauty transcends normalcy, well…so does their equipment. And their stamina. That same speed and strength and control is now focused entirely on you and your pleasure. Their love bites are magical, their bodies can twist and defy physics. Yeah…I think that’s all I need to say about that.

4) Unconditionally Loyal
Paranormal heroes are loyal beyond loyal—whether it’s to family, a child, a pack, humanity as a whole, a group of friends, or (of course) to their significant other. They will go to the edge of the Earth for a cause or person that they care about. However, all that being said…

5) They are the Ultimate Bad Boys
Vampires kill. Werewolves hunt. Demons corrupt. These are simply facts about the world in which they live. Paranormal heroes are the ultimate bad boys—even sexy angels are still tempting the fates and jeopardizing their roles in Heaven for you…the woman they love. Bad boys are a big slice of sexy pie, topped with a healthy serving of danger and once you bite into it, there’s no going back.

6) Connected to Different Time Periods
I can’t speak for everyone of course, but I have a fascination with history. I find different time periods sexy in an unknown way. These supernatural heroes have lived long lives…with (hopefully) no end in sight. They are connected to—and usually deeply routed in—their personal familial histories and recollect vividly the decades they have survived through.

7) Despite Living Centuries, They Never Truly Lived Until You
Typically, these heroes, despite living for centuries never felt as alive as they do in this moment with you—their heroine. You’ve given them purpose. You’ve given them drive. You’re the reason they want to strive to be the better man again. And that is sexy as hell.

8) Tortured and Vulnerable
This might seem a bit contradictory to the whole “they are so strong” stuff, but these heroes usually hold a massive vulnerability. But it’s these flaws, these weaknesses, that make for the cream filling beneath that hard candy shell. It is the soft flesh under the tough leather hide. It is a vulnerability that we need to see and it makes us love them that much more when they’re able to admit these truths about themselves.

So, there it is. Some of the reasons we love our vampires, elementals, werewolves, shifters, demons, angels…etc, etc. What are some of your reasons for loving your paranormal heroes? What makes them different from the average human?


Soul Surrender by Katana CollinsWith Julian no longer hovering, Damien closed in, his large hands immediately pulling me toward him. They curled around my waist and the heat from his molten hot body warmed my flesh. “What’s the matter?” Damien played the tough guy well, but beneath that exterior was pure cream in the center. He was soft. Sweet. And I wanted to lick every bit of that cream from him.

I crunched my shoulders to my ears in that way girls do when they want to talk about something, but pretend they don’t. His thumbs circled my hipbone, pushing the hem of my shirt up and revealing a bit of velvety skin.

“Don’t like me playing the part of protector?” Damien raised an eyebrow; his lips were pouty and petal smooth.

I lowered my voice, hoping to Hell that Jules wasn’t eavesdropping. Oh, who was I kidding? Angels were nosy little suckers. “I just thought I’d go home. It’s been a long day.”

Damien dove a hand through his perfectly styled dark brown locks and the sight of his fingers combing through those strands made my own twitch, wanting to feel their silk between my fingers. “Is that just what you’re saying? Is this that girl thing where you say you just need a night but you really want me to come and sweep you off your feet or some shit? I like you, babe—but I don’t even sweep my goddamn floors. Let alone a woman.”

I grinned and shook my head. I was sort of looking for a little Prince Charming romance. But I knew better than to ask that of Damien. White horses and glass slippers were not in his repertoire. Toe curling orgasms on the other hand…I gave an inward sigh. Yeah, those he was a master at. “No. No grandiose sweeping gesture needed.” I said through my smile—and I was proud that I even meant it. “Though, Hell…if you’re offering, my floors could use a good scrub—”

“I dunno about your floors, but I could clean your carpet,” He said through a smirk, tightening his hold and crashing my hips against a growing erection. I gasped upon contact. My mouth went dry and my eyes raised to meet his. The smirk grew. Bastard. “If you change your mind about tonight—”

“—I know where to find you.” I finished for him, barely able to squeeze the words from my cotton-mouth. Damn that man. He could heat me up, turn me on and piss me off in seconds flat.


Katana Collins splits her time evenly between photographing boudoir portraits and writing steam-your-glasses romances. Between navigating life as a small business owner, a first-time homeowner, and a newlywed, Katana is in a constant state of “OHMYGODINEEDCOFFEENOW.”

She is the author of the Soul Stripper trilogy and the yet to debut Wicked Exposure (erotic suspense) series. Her first graphic novel, Cafe Racer, (co-written with Sean Murphy) will be coming out in early summer, 2014.

She lives in Brooklyn with her comic book artist husband and ever-growing family of rescue animals. She can usually be found hunched over her laptop, in a cafe, guzzling gallons of coffee, and wearing fabulous (albeit sometimes impractical) shoes.

Find Katana online: Website Twitter Facebook

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  1. Athena W says:

    So I might buy this because the author’s name alone is awesomesauce! Katana!

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