Let’s Talk Reader Conventions


NOLA StoryCon 2017I absolutely love going to reader conventions. The chance to interact in person with people who one-click, auto-buy, and read voraciously in the same genres I do is a special thrill. The ability to meet my favorite authors, and tell them why their books meant so much? Double win.

The VBC crew is spread throughout North America and England. We could be hitting up smaller, niche events all over. This is where you come in. I want to know what your favorite conventions are.

I have RT Booklover’s Convention on my list this year, as well as NOLA StoryCon (hint: you can go on a tour there with me), but I love the smaller events too. I went to Coastal Magic Convention a few weeks ago, and it was an absolute blast. There’s a fun one in North Texas called Readers & ‘Ritas, which I hope to make this year. You get the point.

So what’s your favorite local convention?

Which conventions do you like to travel to?

Tell us what events are awesome, and maybe some of the VBC crew will show their smiling, book-loving selves.

Note: I almost titled this post “where should we go?” but worried I’d be setting myself up for all types of jokes in the comments. 

5 Responses to “Let’s Talk Reader Conventions”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been to RT and had fun but there’s a lot of line waiting and it is very expensive. I might go again at some point when it’s close enough for me to drive again (helps save $ when you don’t have to fly plus the $400+ con cost)

    I’ve been to AAD twice. I liked it because it was smaller and you get more author face time.

    Last year I went to NOLA Story Con for three reasons. I could drive, inexpensive, smaller even more face time with authors and fellow readers/bloggers. I’m going again this year for all these reasons.

    I live in Arkansas so there’s not many local book events for me. Texas and NOLA is the closet places that have cons and events. Sometimes there’s book signings in Memphis, TN and I’ve gone there before to see Jeaniene Frost and Pamela Palmer.

    One smaller book con I would like to try is Lori Foster’s RAGT. It’s only a 9 hour drive plus it’s an hour or so way from my sister in law’s house in KY so I could have a free place to stay the night.

    I would also like to try Readers & ‘Ritas at some point too. There’s a book signing in Austin I want to go to in March but it’s durning the week so I can’t make it.

    • Chelsea says:

      Totally agree that the conventions that are the most fun are the ones with the most face-time. The more lines/waiting, the less fun it can be.

      Also: *high five* on NOLA StoryCon. I think it’s going to be such a blast.

  2. Liz S says:

    I have been to RT twice but there are lines and lots of people. I went to Coastal Magic this year for the first time and loved it. Barbara Vey has a reader conference in Milwaukee in April which is also fun.

  3. Janet Rodman says:

    Romancing the Capital hosted by Eve Langlais
    Shameless Book Con
    Angels and Sirens
    RT and RWA
    RAGT by Lori Foster

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