Lia Davis: Top 5 Things That Make Shifters Hot


From VBC/Chelsea: Today we have author Lia Davis on the blog. She writes steamy shifters novels, and we thought you might like her take on what makes them so sexy. We also have an excerpt from her just-released novel Tempting the Wolf (Black Hills Wolves #13) and a giveaway. Pretty sweet, right? With that, I’m turning it over to Lia.

Author Lia DavisThere are a lot more than five things that make shifters hot. Each reader, including me, has a different favorite trait that makes shifters more appealing. Well, here are my top five favorites:

  1. Protective: Protecting those they love is instinctive. It goes with the whole territorial part of their animal side. They will do anything to protect a mate, family member, and a packmate.
  2. Possessive: This one goes with the first one in that most the time it’s driven by that territorial thing. Possessive can be sexy when it’s between two strong-willed mates butt heads, then it turns to play, then make-up sex.
  3. Compassion: No matter how Alpha the shifter, they have a huge heart for their loved ones.
  4. Their primal side: I love the mix of animal and human. It gives them an inner struggle for control.
  5. Passionate lovers: They are in tune to their lover’s needs because of their heightened senses. Makes the connection between mates stronger than a regular human union.


What about you? Do you share my top five or is yours different? Please comment for a chance to win an eBook from my backlist.


Tempting The Wolf by Lia Davis // VBCA moment later, a dark-haired woman stormed into the room. The door slammed against the wall as she headed straight for their trauma bay. Her bright blue glare fixed on the boy, and her lips were set in a thin line.

Annoyed, Bastian stepped in front of her. “Miss, you can’t be in here until I remove the bullet from his stomach.”

She faced him and narrowed her eyes. He swore he saw a slight color shift before she glanced away. “He’s my son, and he can’t be here.”

Forcing himself to calm down, he held her narrowed-eyed glare. “I’m afraid your son may need surgery.”

“He can’t stay here,” she repeated, shaking her head and darting her gaze to the door.

“Your son has been shot.” He kept his tone low. “I can have a nurse show you to the waiting area.”

The muscles in her temples flexed as if she clenched her jaw. She glanced around, fixing a stare on the few people within listening distance, then returned her gaze on him. The blue in her gaze brightened slightly, confirming his earlier thought of seeing them change. What the hell? The double doors to the ER opened, drawing his attention to a large man stalking down the hall, ignoring the staff as they tried to stop him. When the kid’s mother turned to glare at the newcomer, Bastian swore her pupils reflected the lights.

The man had dark brown hair, a shade lighter than the woman’s, and he stood at least three inches taller than Bastian. His navy-blue eyes narrowed on Bastian as he spoke to the woman. “Alanna, grab the kid and let’s go.”

“I ran into a situation.” She spoke through her teeth as she locked gazes with Bastian.

The man leaned in and whispered something into her ear. She shook her head. “Can’t.”

“Damn it, Alanna. I’m going to get Cody.”

When he stepped around her, she blocked him and placed a hand on his chest. “Go wait for me in the truck.”

They stared at each other for several long moments, and Bastian wondered what the deal was with the two of them. He shook his head. Not my business. “Look. Both of you can have a seat in the waiting room. I’ll come out as soon as I have word on your son’s condition.”

The man glanced from him to Alanna and smirked. “I’ll be out in the truck. You two have fun.”

“Cody comes with us. You will allow me to take him and won’t remember we were here.”

Enough with the shit already. He stepped into her space to stand almost nose-to-nose with her. “This is my ER tonight and my rules. I will operate on the kid and will not allow him to die on my watch. Are we clear?”

One side of her full lips lifted. “Oh, I’m starting to see things much clearer. I do apologize for this.”

Before he could ask for what, she slammed her palm to his forehead and everything went dark.

4 Responses to “Lia Davis: Top 5 Things That Make Shifters Hot”

  1. Katie says:

    Well I def agree with those! Gotta love protective alphas!!

  2. Nikki says:

    Those are my top 5 too. Especially possessiveness, it makes everything so hot in a book. 😉

  3. Amanda T. says:

    I agree with all of them!

  4. Sarah E says:

    I agree with your top five. I love those protective, possessive alphas!

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