Love letter to Atticus O’Sullivan (Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles)


While most of our Character Love Letters are to book boyfriends, sometimes we have book best friends. That’s the case today. Kelly from Reading the Paranormal is down to be Atticus O’Sullivan’s bestie. And why not? The Druid is funny and clever and has an awesome dog. So many reasons to love.

If you haven’t started Kevin Hearne’s series, I suggest starting with Hounded. Now on to the letter!

Trapped by Kevin HearneAtticus. Buddy.

For the love of magic-wielding Gods, it’s been so BORING around here since you left Tempe. There hasn’t been a single occurrence of a sword-swinging God striding the mean streets looking for your head. I haven’t stumbled over a naked guy in the park that I wanted to look at in ages. Heck, I’d even take a crow morphing into a vengeful (and naked… I’m starting to sense a pattern here) Goddess intent upon devouring the dead.

Enough about my woes. How’s Oberon? Are you spoiling him with sausages? If not, I shall be very put out with you. That dog deserves all the sausages (and poodles) he can handle. Give him an extra scratch behind the ears for me. And maybe slip him a chicken-apple sausage while you’re at it. I miss that big lug.

I’m sure you remember the rules: Stay out of trouble. Keep your head down and your amulet charged. And Atticus? Try not to cross any douchebags or start the apocalypse while you’re out gallivanting around. I know, I know. That really goes without saying but sometimes your nobility gets the best of you.

Now, I expect a full report on all the fun you’ve been having next time we get together. I want to know the dirt on the things you’ve been doing, the elementals you’ve been chatting with, and the newest Gods you’ve managed to cross. Oh, hush. It happens. I accept that about you. It’s all part of your charm.

May the wind always be at your back,


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4 Responses to “Love letter to Atticus O’Sullivan (Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles)”

  1. I hate when I stumble over naked guys in the park that aren’t hot. Atticus, I miss you too. Hook my boy Oberon up with some French Poodles too. You owe it to him after that month plus long romp with G minus all the details.

  2. I just LOVED this letter, and hubs snorted a few times. He’s read more of this series than I have. I need more Oberon in my life!!!

  3. Oberon definitely needs a whole stable of poodles. That dog keeps Atticus out of at least *some* trouble and alive. I think we need a love letter to Oberon! (While Atticus gets kisses, Oberon gets snuggles!)

  4. Debbie P. (Yodamom) says:

    LOL-Good one. Please feed the dog in all ways.

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