Love letter to Bran (Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega) [UPDATED]



From VBC: Today we’re swooning over a werewolf from not one, but two urban fantasy series. Mandi just can’t shake her attraction to Bran, and the fact his wife hates him only makes her want him more. Read on to find out why the shifter from Patricia Briggs’ series tops Mandi’s list.

Character Love Letters at Vampire Book Club [2012]Dear Bran,

I am choosing to write a love letter to you not only because I am a hussy for all fictional men, but there is something special about you. First of all, you are powerful to say the least. Being the Marrok, or the head alpha werewolf of all of North America is a big deal. I’m impressed Bran, really. But see, what really intrigues me is that you look so unassuming. In wolf form you are kind of small and you can contain your power so well. And the first time we meet you in human form in Moon Called, again, nothing stands out:

A sandy-haired young man with a nondescript face held a plastic tray loaded with two plastic-wrapped sub sandwiches, a pair of styrofoam cups of hot chocolate, and a dark blue winter jacket. Maybe it was the food, but it occurred to me that if Bran looked that much like the cliche of a delivery boy, it was probably on purpose. He liked to be unobtrusive.

But then we learn you have some tricks up your sleeve:

Bran is scary. He’s a little psychic – at least that’s what he says if you ask. What that means is that he can talk to any werewolf he knows, mind to mind. That’s why Charles was able to be his spokesperson out in the woods. Bran uses that ability, among others, to control the North American packs. He claims it is all one way, that he can make people hear him but not the other way around.

You are at least 1,000 years old and have one of the calmest demeanor of any werewolf I’ve met. Except when you get angry, everyone and I mean EVERYONE bows down to you. I’d like to bow down to you myself. I’d roll on my back and show you my neck. You can have your wicked way with me Bran! Screw your evil wife, Leah! (yes, another reason why I’m obsessed with you – your wife hates you!) You married Leah because you wanted someone so selfish and stupid to be sure you never really fell in love with her because the pain of losing someone you truly love was almost too much for you to take. But you needed a mate to keep the Beast at bay. Oh Bran. You deserve true love. I have no idea if Leah will ever be redeemed, but Smexy will always be here for you, neck bared in my submissive position.

Love your stalker,

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Haven’t met Bran?
Bran appears in two series — Mercy Thompson and the Alpha & Omega series (both written by Patricia Briggs). He plays a prominent role in both and should be read in order. The first Mercy Thompson book is Moon Called.


Bran caught wind of Smexy’s public confession, and had to respond. (Big thanks to Patricia Briggs for this.) Read on for the response from the sexy Bran.

Dear Smexy:

I am honored to be the object of your affections…not so much that you posted an open love letter, though. I’m a very private person and the less everyone knows about me, the better. For them, that is. I don’t want to have to kill them.

And heaven help you if Leah gets wind of this…you don’t want to be in her sights if she gets a mad on, trust me! It’s not that she loves me, but she does love the power and prestige that my position brings to her, and she won’t tolerate competition. The last time she thought someone was challenging her, we had to replace the carpet because the bloodstains just would not come out. The Clorox commercials lie.

All the best,

26 Responses to “Love letter to Bran (Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega) [UPDATED]”

  1. Mandi, I love, love, LOVE Bran!! And I agree, Leah needs her tushy kicked. *whispers* If you ever decide to ambush her in a dark parking lot, let me know and I’ll bring the shanking spork.

    Lou, a/k/a @MonsterMaX3 / @BtweenTheCovers

  2. Jen D. says:

    Best. Letter. Ever. Couldn’t have said it better myself Mandi.

  3. synde korman says:

    You said it Mandi! Nice letter!

  4. Teri C says:

    Yes! That was fabulous.
    Now I cannot wait to see Fair Game in March!

  5. Mandi says:

    Yes – I’ll ambush Leah and then we can all have our turn with Bran. Sound like a plan? 🙂

    If you need a peek at Bran, the first chapter of Fair Game is up at Briggs’s website – Bran is in it!


    Thank you Chelsea for having me today!!!

  6. Great letter, Mandi!! I wish we could get more Bran… poor guy deserves some real happiness.

  7. Annie @ UTC says:

    Great letter Mandi! I’ve got Fair Game on its way to me so I’m super eager to read some more Bran! I didnt read the excerpt cus I know I’ll desparately want more!

  8. Zeek says:

    you aint alone in that love chica. 😉

  9. Niecey P says:

    And I thought I was the only hot-blooded woman panting after the Marrock. He is my favorite. He deserves his own story.

  10. Cyna says:

    Admittedly I haven’t read the Alpha & Omega series, which is I guess where most of this comes out, but from what I understand, Bran chose to marry someone “selfish and stupid” so that he could dump his negative feelings on her to free up his emotions. So doesn’t that kind of make Bran the asshole, here?

  11. Lexi says:

    Great letter, loved it! How can you not fall in love with Bran.

  12. Zeek says:

    Am i the only one thinking it odd that someone who obviously hates this character wastes their time commenting on a post devoted to loving said character?

    Why bother is all I’m sayin.

    • Cyna says:

      lol yes, obviously I hate the character because I expressed dislike for one particular aspect of him! If it’s not blind adoration, it must be hate!

      The reason I commented was because the Leah hate irked me. Yes, poor, poor Bran, having to suffer at the hands of the wife he chose specifically so he could dump his shit on her. What an evil bitch! Let’s all get together and beat her up so that Bran will be free to find a new wife to dump his shit on.

      But I apologize, this is a fawn post, not a discussion post. My mistake.

      • Mandi says:

        I take it more as – his wolf picked her wolf…but yes, I do think he set out to find someone he could barely tolerate. More because he couldn’t stand to lose someone he loved again.

        I’m intrigued because we just skirt around the edges of his relationship with Leah. I hear we won’t ever get a book just devoted to him, but I hope we continue to see more with Leah..and maybe they both can be redeemed? I don’t know! 🙂 It’s definitely a different type of ongoing relationship for a romance series.

    • This is a place of discussion. Sure, mostly the love letters are about squeeing over our “book boyfriends,” but there’s no reason others can’t say why the character didn’t work for them.

      As long as no one is disparaging the author, I’m all for every viewpoint.

  13. Heather says:

    HA! I love the response.

  14. Oh, wow!!!! *has a total fangirl moment* Bran’s response is fab!!! I’m so totally jealous, Mandi! *does a little twirl* How do I look in this color green? LOL

  15. Melanie says:

    I love the letter to Bran and the response.

  16. Lou says:

    Oh this is wonderful letter, and a fabulous response from Bran in return. 🙂

    I think there will be a long line of people that would line up to kick Leah behind. One good reason to hate on Leah (and there are quite a few reasons) is that she attempted to hurt Mercy or even kill her. Big no no! With Bran and his berserker, I can see why his wolf chose Leah as a mate. May not be a nice thing to do, but the other possibility of what mind happen is too scary of a prospect.

  17. Amber/Luvsexybooks says:

    I absolutly love it, Bran I just live how he loves his wolves and little pain in the butt Coyote. I’m sure Mercy would be able to some how get little wifey taken out;)

  18. Mandi says:

    Ahaha…I’ll keep my love for you on the low down Bran. Because truth – Leah scares me! 😉

    You are awesome for responding Bran!!! 😉

  19. aurian says:

    Wow Mandi, what a great letter, and I love it that he answered it!

  20. Brenda Hyde says:

    I love Bran. I’m holding out that he will ONE DAY get his happily ever after with someone who is not a complete bitch. Die, Leah, Die. *snort*

    Awesome that you got a reply back:)

  21. madi says:

    I hate how people bash on Leah. She shows emotions when she first meets Anna. It obviously effects her, knowing her husband doesn’t care for her. How would you feel knowing your husband doesn’t love you? Noone and I mean NOONE can behave like Leah does and not have someone hurt her badly in her past for her to act that way. Maybe she just acts that way to MAKE everyone hate her. If everyone hates her, she won’t become attached and get hurt. Honestly, I just think she wants to be loved by Bran. It must be hard being second best to a dead wife for all of eternity!

  22. shadowswhisper says:

    omg love bran ,and he so deserves to love again ,i also love how secretive he is.^_^i wouldnt mind having him as a mate∩_∩

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