Love letter to Daemon (Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series)


From VBC: If you’ve started Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series, you’ve been be spelled by Daemon. In today’s character love letter, Smexy’s Sidekick unveils what it could mean to have Daemon’s full focus turned on her. Enticing, no?

Daughter of the Blood by Anne BishopMy Darling Daemon,

Even though you have forsaken all for Janelle, to the point of obliterating all those who seek to separate you from her, I find myself unable to let you go. From the first moment I saw you in Daughter of the Blood, I have watched you fight, seduce, be spell, and destroy all those who seek to subjugate you…all in hopes of meeting your dream hundreds of years in the making.

“He would never submit. Seven hundred years of waiting, watching, searching, hoping. Seven hundred heartbreaking, exhausting years. He refused to give up, refused to wonder if she’d been mistaken, refused because his heart yearned too much for that strange, wonderful, terrifying creature called Witch. In his soul, he knew her. In his dreams, he saw her. … Simply, he believed he had been born to be her lover.”

How would it feel to be the object of that single-minded purpose? To be the one person for whom you would go to hell and back to be with? To be loved so completely that that someone would fill the streets with blood at the hint of violence against you? I watched you rise to the killing edge in after the carriage mishap in Amdarh. I saw the dark promise of violence in your eyes as smell of sulfur and ice coated my tongue; the taste of blood and death. I waited for the promised vengeance that never came.

Your loyalty is single minded. Absolute. I see the extremes you go to for your friends and family. I understand the despair you feel when you unleash the Sadist. I feel your pain when you look into the eyes of those you love and see the fear and uncertainly your actions have caused. You have had to be a friend who had to become an enemy to stay a friend.

Your beauty, an intricate web of poison and deception, ensnares me as I watch you from a far. I find myself relishing the spikes of fear that race through me, making my heart pound and my palms sweat; the fear of what will happen to me should you realize I am there watching you. Your light brown skin, black hair, and gold eyes make you the epitome of beauty, outlined with a razor-sharp sexual edge of your mercurial personality that washes over me in an unmatched sensual haze. I find myself bathing in your glory, wanting to be at your mercy. Your a feast for the eyes, a heavenly banquet that hides death beneath it’s glorious delights. Should you choose to unleash your deadly power upon me, I would gladly embrace death knowing that in that instant you noticed me.

My love forever,
Your anonymous admirer,

Haven’t met Daemon?
We first meet Daemon in the first of Anne Bishop’s The Black Jewels novels, Daughter of the Blood, and as mentioned above it’s quite memorable.

4 Responses to “Love letter to Daemon (Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series)”

  1. Mandi says:

    Mmmmm…he is so sexy. I love him (and this series!)

  2. Book Huntress says:

    I have loved this series for so long, I’m so glad to see it discussed here. Daemon is by far one of the sexiest male characters. If you haven’t read it yet DO!!!

  3. Elizabeth (BookAttict) says:

    I LOVE Daemon! I love the Black Jewels series but especially love the first trilogy… An incredible series!

  4. I LOVE DAEMON!! Tori, you are one of the reasons I started this trilogy, I love you for it. Fantastic letter! 🙂

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