My Favorite Monster with Amanda Carlson


From Chelsea/VBC: This is the first in a series of spook-tacular posts leading up to Halloween. I’ve invited a few friends to fill us in on their favorite monsters. First up is the totally fun Amanda Carlson. You might remember me digging her action-packed urban fantasy novel Full Blooded. Also, I think I may love her even more knowing that some of my favorite movies made her list. Hints: Winchester Pub. Double tap.

Colin Farrell in Fright NightI’m taking this “monster feature” literally and discussing my Top 3 monster movies of all time.


I’m giving nods to both the original, which rocked my world in 1985, and the remake. Chris Sarandon had me mesmerized as a teen, and I remember daydreaming about it (him?) for days. What if my next door neighbor was a HOT vampire? (Future urban fantasy tropes ahead!) I just rented the 2011 remake with Colin Farrell and it was just as enjoyable. Didn’t follow along exactly, but the acting was stellar and he was HOT on screen to watch. Both movies are WELL worth your time. (As a bonus Toni Collette and Christopher Mintz are both in the remake. Score!)


This movie came out in 2004 and I still think about bits and pieces today. I’m a humor nut, and when a great screenwriter couples humor and action together it’s my total package. I loved every single thing about this movie. It took me by surprise how smartly it was written, and I laughed out loud constantly. When they started throwing vinyl records at the zombies I almost peed my pants. I also fell in love with Simon Pegg and you will too. (Along the lines of great screenwriting: My Top 3 smartly written humorous movies: Thank You for Smoking, Knocked Up & Horrible Bosses.)


Yes, it’s another zombie movie. Who knew I loved zombies so much? But, honestly, Jessie Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson could have been battling ANYTHING in this movie and I would’ve enjoyed it. It was so smart, stylish, witty, scary & wonderful. Emma Stone was also awesome. The cameo scene is one of my all time favorite movie scenes EVER. This movie was thoroughly enjoyable and I highly recommend it!

As you can see, I don’t like to be scared out of my mind during a movie, so you’re not going to get a horror recommendation from me. I crave more elements than blood and heart pounding stress, so if you like smart writing and a great cast all of these movies do that in spades.

What are your top three?

3 Responses to “My Favorite Monster with Amanda Carlson”

  1. Julie says:

    Those are all great movies. Nice list! I especially liked Colin Farrell in Fright Night.

  2. Kristin says:

    Great post, and I am totally down with each of Amanda’s picks. Let’s see, I really like the remake of Dawn of the Dead, The Thing (John Carpenter version and the update) scared the bejeesus out of me, but I loved it, and finally, I really enjoyed Monster House. Yes, a kid-centric film, but so well done and actually pretty mature storyline.


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