Over at Heroes & Heartbreakers: Killing for Love


Today I’m over at Heroes & Heartbreakers trying to figure out why we love seeing protective heroes slay the bad guys in front of the heroine. In addition to talking about those heroes in novels, I may reference Sons of Anarchy heavily. If you watch, you understand.

Heroes & HeartbreakersThere are certain things that when you explain aloud sound awful. For example, think of explaining the plot of The Hunger Games to a friend: It’s an exhilarating read with a great message—oh and children are forced to fight to the death on reality TV. It sounds painful to experience (and maybe it is a little), but the book is phenomenal.

I bring this up because I know how it’s going to sound when I admit this, but having a bad guy murdered by the hero in a book? Hot. Having him commit said act of slayage on the heroine’s behalf? Hotter.

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