Prove Your Love for Ethan Sullivan & Win Chicagoland Vampires Prizes


UK Edition of WILD THINGS by Chloe NeillThe whole team here at VBC loves Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series. There’s a reason you see quotes from Chelsea’s reviews in the front of the books. I really do think the series is a great urban fantasy with a heroine I’m happy to back. Today, though, as we settle in to celebrate the release of Blood Games, we’re going to talk about that green-eyed Master vampire Ethan Sullivan.

Back when I first read Some Girls Bite, I swooned over Catcher. Yeah. I know, but by Friday Night Bites I was Team Ethan. And don’t even get me started about how Team Ethan I was after Twice Bitten. (Obscenely.) So, when Chloe Neill offered up this insane Chicagoland Vampires prize pack for a VBC reader, we agreed we had to do something special.

How special is this prize pack? One reader is going to win:

  • Signed copy of the U.K. edition of Wild Things by Chloe Neill
  • A limited-edition, super awesome Cadogan House keychain
  • Chicagoland Vampires tote bag, lanyard, pen and other swag!

So, what’s the special thing you need to do to win a Cadogan golden keychain—something that really only Ethan can grant you? Prove to us that you know the vampire!

In the Rafflecopter form below, you’ll find 10 questions about Ethan (chosen by Chloe!). For each one you get correct, you’ll be entered into the contest. That means you can be entered up to 10 times (plus a couple extras for following Chloe and Chelsea on Twitter and spreading the word). Pretty sweet, yes?

Once the winner is selected, we’ll post the answers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Update: Here are the answers!

1. Sweden
2. Fork
3. 394
4. Three: Elisa, Berit, Annika
5. Green, obvs.
6. Cadogan
7. Peter Cadogan
8. Jakob Andreson
9. Black suit, button down shirt.
10. Signed baseball, Cadogan medal, dagger

8 Responses to “Prove Your Love for Ethan Sullivan & Win Chicagoland Vampires Prizes”

  1. Michelle Sanders says:

    Seriously counting down the minutes — is it payday yet??!!

  2. Lori Hopkins says:

    OMG! It has been so long since I read the first books, I cannot answer these questions! Seriously!

  3. Shannon says:

    The only one that stumped me was the utensil question. I even remembered his sisters names!

  4. Mags says:

    There are a couple of those I don’t remember. And now I have to reread all the books until I figure them out 😉

  5. Grannie_4_7 says:

    Time for a re-read! How long do we have to find these answers? Great give-a-way! Thank you.

  6. Jeanette Rivera says:

    Agh I messed up and can’t go back! Oh well a reread is up on my list of to do’s.

  7. Robin says:

    Where can I find the answers to “Prove your love for Ethan Sullivan”?

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