Read Along – The Immortal Who Loved Me by Lynsay Sands [PART 2]


Note from Chelsea/VBC: We’re excited to be doing another read along here at VBC, and as I explained Monday the Argeneau series is such a great fit. The Immortal Who Loved Me works as a standalone, so it’s okay if you haven’t ever read another book in the series. Plus, if you participate in our discussions, you’re entered to win the complete set of Argeneau novels by Lynsay Sands. That’s 21 books. Wow, right? Okay, I’m handing it over to Jannelle now. Let’s talk vampire romance.

The Immortal Who Loved Me by Lynsay SandsThe Immortal Who Loved Me (Argeneau #21)
Lynsay Sands
Published: Feb. 24, 2015 (Avon)
Purchase: Book Depository or Amazon
Review Source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Jannelle

This post recaps & discusses Chapters 5 8

Missed our first post? Check out discussion on Chapters 1-4.

In the second quarter of the novel, my main concern about Sherry not stressing out about this immortal world she has been shoved into is addressed. Here, we start realizing that she’s freaking out a bit more about the entire situation than she is letting on. Thankfully, she has newly turned immortals around her—like Elvi—who can help her calm down when she’s close to an anxiety attack.

We are also beginning to see more interaction between Sherry and Basil, which seemed a bit awkward and lackluster throughout the beginning. Lets just say that things get intense, quick, and you can expect some steamy scenes between our two destined life mates.

Since Sherry was left with no clothes thanks to their unplanned getaway, Elvi decides to take her shopping at the mall. Once there, Sherry is dragged into a fitting room to try on some semi-scandalous outfits when there’s a knock at the door. Expecting Elvi, Sherry opens the door and… it’s not Elvi.

Like Amy, this is my first Argeneau novel. So far, I think it reads great as a standalone. Not only is the world catch-up not a problem because Sherry is being introduced to this immortal world, but because Basil has been away/held up on business, the story flows well to recount what any of us new readers have missed out on so far. And if you’re completely caught up, think of it as brief recaps!

How do you feel about jumping into novels mid-series? Is it something you dont mind doing or do you always start from book No. 1?

This second quarter of the novel wasn’t as fast-paced and action-packed as the first, but I think it was just as important with filling in any world-building gaps and building on character relationships. There’s also plenty of couples mentioned and I feel like it’s a bit hard to keep track of all of them. For long-time readers, this may be a plus as you are briefly revisiting old characters and seeing how they’ve come along in the story. For new readers, get ready to be intrigued enough to want to start reading from the beginning (like I’m starting to feel).

Lynsay Sands Read AlongDo you enjoy having a series lived through multiple perspectives, with each book having different protagonists, or do you prefer the same protagonists throughout a series?

Also, can we please talk about the “shared pleasure” thing? The sexy times we have encountered so far have been pretty intense, but this idea/connection is just blowing my mind. I know some of you are probably shaking your head at me thinking, “Where have you been?” Well, under a rock somewhere because apparently I have been missing out. Epically.

After the crazy cliffhanger at the end of chapter 8, I’m off to continue reading.

Be sure to join us as we continue to read and discuss The Immortal Who Loved Me!

Sexual content: graphic sex

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4 Responses to “Read Along – The Immortal Who Loved Me by Lynsay Sands [PART 2]”

  1. Jill B says:

    I usually hate jumping into a series in the middle, because I usually feel really lost, but I don’t in this book! I know there’s a lot of history around these characters, but it’s not overwhelming which is good.

    I think that I like the same protagonist for a series, just because I feel like there’s more to the characters. Although some series do the multiple protagonist thing wonderfully, like the Black Dagger Brotherhood or the Lords of the Underworld, etc.

  2. Amy says:

    It’s pretty much been a rule of mine to never start a series anywhere but at the beginning. However, I’m glad I gave this one a try. It’s true that this reads really well as a stand alone.

    I used to prefer series with the same protagonist / couple for the entire run of the series, but more and more I’m finding I kind of like it when each book follows a different couple, but it’s for purely selfish reasons. Because typically switching protagonists from one book to another means the protagonist(s) usually get their HEA at the end of that particular book, and I find myself hating the delay of the HEA lately 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    I usually hate jumping into a series in the middle. I would almost always rather start from book one. I have read this series before, however, and I think it would be easy to jump into it late. Just about every book manages a decent “catch up and recap” as they introduce someone new into the world of Immortals. Even stories about two Immortals manage to slip in the background fairly neatly and unobtrusively.

    I don’t mind switching protagonists between books. I love the way you get to keep up with characters you adored from previous books, as well as seeing the characters through different eyes with a new narrator. That doesn’t really happen so much in this series, but I do like to revisit the “old friends” of other books!

  4. Liz S says:

    I try not to start in the middle of a series knowingly. But I have found some great series by reading a book and then realizing it was part of a series.

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