Ready for 2014? Amy’s Most Anticipated 2014 Books


From VBC’s Chelsea: We’ve covered the best books of 2013, but we’re ready to look forward here at VBC. There are so many wonderful reads waiting for us in 2014. To help you get excited for new books, we’re going to post our reviewers’ most anticipated 2014 books. Add your favorites in the comments. We’re starting off today with Amy’s picks, which include a January release (yay!) and a little of everything VBC genre-wise.

Up from the Grave by Jeaniene FrostAMY’S MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS FOR 2014

1. Up from the Grave (Night Huntress #7) – Jeaniene Frost

Not only is it the first full-length Cat and Bones book we’ve had in nearly three years, but it the last Cat and Bones book. I’m really interested to see how Frost ends it and where everyone ends up. Yes, I’m sure we’ll still see Cat and Bones as side characters in the third Vlad book, but still the series that brought us Chapter 32 will be done.

Releases Jan. 28, 2014. Pre-Order Up From the Grave.

2. Murder of Crows (The Others #2) – Anne Bishop

When I read Written in Red last year I was completely blown away by the story and the characters. Clearly this book had an impact on everyone else being voted as the Readers’ Choice at VBC Best of 2013. I’m excited to see where Bishop takes the story next, but with that title I’m a little afraid to find out.

Releases March 4, 2014. Pre-Order Murder of Crows

3. Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7) – Ilona Andrews

This is probably my favorite series/author(s), so it is understandable that I would look forward to any of their book releases. According to Andrews’ website Magic Breaks will finally give us the in-the-flesh introduction to Roland! This father daughter showdown has been long in the making.

Releases July 29, 2014. Pre-Order Magic Breaks

4. The Forever Song (Blood of Eden #3) – Julie Kagawa

With the way things ended in The Eternity Cure with Sarren and Zeke, Allie is determined to finish things for good. It seems this story will be moving things back to Eden where we left our original band of humans at the end of The Immortal Rules. I’m ready for Allie to get some kind of a happy ending already!

Releases April 15, 2014. Pre-Order The Forever Song

5. Dirty Magic (The Prospero’s War #1) – Jaye Wells

I loved the Sabina Kane series, so this book gets an automatic read from me. I’m always unsure when an author starts a new series, but everything I’ve read about the book it seems like this world will focus mainly on witches, wizards, and their magic rather than vampires, werewolves and fae. Already Kate Prospero, a cop trying to keep covens and their potions in check, seems like she’s going to be (if not has to be) a no-nonsense, take charge, capable heroine.

Releases Jan. 21, 2014. Pre-Order Dirty Magic

There are many many more books that could be on this list. Like 2013, 2014 seems like it’s going to be a great year for reading urban fantasy and paranormal romance. As always, there will be series ending, but hopefully that just means that there’s more room for new and exciting stories to have a turn being told. After I finished my list I realized that my book selection only goes as far as the end of July (Magic Breaks). Maybe we should have split the year in half, or by seasons! Happy future reading!

9 Responses to “Ready for 2014? Amy’s Most Anticipated 2014 Books”

  1. Two of your picks are on my upcoming list (spoiler!): The Forever Song and Up From the Grave.

    Also, very excited for Dirty Magic. Curious to see what Jaye Wells has crafted for this new world.

    • Amy M says:

      I’m sad that Night Huntress is ending but I’m looking forward to seeing how Jeaniene Frost ends it.

      • Colleen says:

        I just got Dirty Magic. My list (so far) includes; most of the above and… Undead Pool, Kim Harrison, Night Broken, Patricia Briggs, Blackarts, Faith Hunter, Blood Games, Chloe Niall, Sixth Grave on the Edge, Darynda Jones, Burned, KMM and OMG, THE KING!, JR Ward.

  2. Amy M says:

    Patricia Briggs, Chloe Neill, Darynda Jones, and KIM are all on my list too. There’s a lot of good stuff coming out.

  3. I have all of those books on my can’t wait to read list for 2014. Great picks!

  4. Angela says:

    Except for Jaye Wells (who I will check out 🙂 ) I totally agree. It’s sad to say goodbye to Cat & Bones but I adore J.Frost for her decision.

  5. Sheena T. says:

    KMM, Patricia Briggs, J. Frost, Christine Feehan Dark Lycan and JR Ward. These are my picks. Cannot wait.

  6. Caro says:

    “Night Broken” by Patricia Briggs, “Black Arts” by Faith Hunter, “Up From the Grave” by Jeaniene Frost, “Sixth Grave on the Edge” by Darynda Jones, “Magic Breaks” by IIone Andrews, “Shield of Winter” by Nalini Singh, “Undead Pool” by Kim Harrison, “Crave the Night” by Lara Adrian, and “The King” by J. R. Ward.

  7. Michelle Botwinick says:

    Good books and authors all, I’m sure, but where is the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter? “Black Arts” releases early January 2014 and I cannot wait for more of Jane, Beast, and the vampire clans of New Orleans! My heart rate is elevated just anticipating the newest book!

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