Release-Day Review: Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter #7)


Archangel's Shadows by Nalini Singh // VBC ReviewArchangel’s Shadows (Guild Hunter #7)
Published: Oct. 28, 2014 (Berkley)
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Review Source: Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Chelsea

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

When I think about Archangel’s Shadows, I can’t help but let out a happy sigh. Janvier and Ashwini’s story was just what I needed from these two. Insight into Ash’s hardened edge. The unyielding support of Janvier. A nice dose of Cajun romance amid the snowy landscape of New York.


One of the reasons I love Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series so much is it brings together my favorite genre elements. I’m an urban fantasy girl. I like mystery and action and heroines taking charge. But, if you read this blog with any frequency, you know I also like a heavy dose of the sweet-and-sexy moments. The Guild Hunter series marries these two elements beautifully. We get to see Ash and Janvier on missions, saving lives, trying to track down a murderer, and when they’re in public they are fierce.

…but alone? It gets hot and steamy and Ash is kind of overwhelmed by it. Touch is such a tricky thing for her, but it’s a non-issue with Janvier. And does that man know how to touch. And bite. (Sexy vampire bite scene included in Archangel’s Shadows, you heard it here first!) Their romance is sweet and supportive and selfless. I really couldn’t get enough of them.

Personally, I like when Singh steps away from Elena and Raphael (as much as I love them) to give us new couples finding their mates—and getting better footing on who they are. It’s probably part of why I loved Archangel’s Blade, too. However, this story gives us more glimpses of the other couples. We get time with the other couples and plenty of teases about who might be next. I know you’re all shouting “Bluebell!” right now, but I found myself very curious about Naasir by the end of Archangel’s Shadows, which kind of shocked me. He says something about relationships and their secrets that is beautiful and intriguing and makes me wonder what’s in store for him a few books down the road.

In the meantime, Archangel’s Shadows delivers. High-stakes mystery, insight into both the Tower and Guild side of things, and make-you-weak-in-the-knees romance merge to make one indulgent read.

Sexual content: Graphic sex

5 Responses to “Release-Day Review: Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter #7)”

  1. Sheena T says:

    I love all your reviews. Glad you reviewed Archangel’s Shadow- like everyone in the world who is an avid booklover I am currently reading it. So thank you.

  2. Amy says:

    Currently reading. But so far, I was surprised at how much time the other characters / couples have gotten. I did like that Ash and Janvier already know each other prior to this book. It gives their story more history, and I like the kind of unspoken devotion they already have to one another (mind you I’m only a few chapters in at this point these are just my first impressions).

  3. Amanda says:

    As much as I love Bluebell, the story I want next is Aodhan’s. Of the Seven, he’s the one who intrigues me the most.

  4. Sara says:

    I think Bluebell’s story needs to wait a little. As much as I want it, from the glimpses we saw of him in this book it really seemed like he’s got some changes coming that would make a better book to be later out. This was the first book that felt like we got a good look at Naasir and he really grabbed my attention. Also curious if we’re going to get a Ransom book/novella.

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