Release-Day Review: Passion Ignites Part 3 by Donna Grant (Dark Kings #7.3)


Passion Ignites Part 3 by Donna Grant // VBC ReviewPassion Ignites: Part 3 (Dark Kings #7.3)
Donna Grant
Published: Oct. 27, 2015 (St. Martin’s Press)
Purchase: Amazon
Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Amanda

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Note: This is part three in a four part serial. While this review is spoiler free, it may reference events in both parts one (review here), two (review here) and previous books in the series.

Lexi is pissed. It was bad enough that Thorn couldn’t be bothered to see her off to the airport, but he had to try and take her memories, too? That big, bad dragon has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Thorn hated letting Lexi go, but with the fighting ramping up and Edinburgh becoming more and more dangerous, getting Lexi out of the city was the safest thing for her. He’s shocked when she shows up at the warehouse, but now that she’s back, now that she remembers, he’s committed. Lexi is his, for however long he can hang on to her.

A lot goes down in Passion Ignites Part 3. Tons of action (Rhi with a sword!), some smexy times, a couple of true confessions, and a decidedly not pleased King of Kings make for a taut, complex section that gives some answers and brings up more questions. Lexi was front and center for this part. She was angry (very angry), vulnerable, determined, and for a short while, happy and content, some of the pain of losing Christina eased. Thorn had a lot to do with it–he does a pretty good job of making up for his Really Bad Idea of making Lexi leave.

One of my favorite things about Lexi is her fearlessness. No matter how scared she actually is, she’ll stand up to them, whether it’s Constantine and his intimidation tactics or the Dark Fae and their promises of pleasure until she’s little more than a shell of a human.

It’s one of the things Thorn likes best about her, too. He just keeps earning gold stars.

With the Warriors and their mates joining forces with the Kings, there’s a lot more fighting in Passion Ignites Part 3. Rhi’s a whirling dervish with her sword (I kept imagining River Tam taking on the Reavers in Serenity), and the way the action flicks back and forth between the streets of Edinburgh and the distillery at Draegus will keep you turning pages. The city’s starting to crumble under the weight of all the fighting, and the Dark are planning…something. The Kings are readying for the final showdown, but they may be too late.

Sexual content: graphic sex

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