Review: Darkness Undone by Jessa Slade (Marked Souls #4)


Darkness Undone by Jessa Slade (Marked Souls #4)Darkness Undone (Marked Souls #4)
Jessa Slade
Published: March 6, 2012 (Signet)
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Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

It’s rare that I fall for the heroine of a paranormal romance before the hero. But that’s exactly what happened with Jessa Slade’s fourth Marked Souls novel Darkness Undone. From the very beginning I was fascinated by Alyce. The rogue talya didn’t understand she was possessed by a repentant demon like the others in this series have been. No, Alyce was sure the devil was inside her and that she may be crazy.

When Bookkeeper Sidney comes across her, he thinks he has quite a find. He records talya activity and bringing in a rogue — much less a female — would be quite the feather in his cap. He just doesn’t understand why he’s so drawn to her. Being so analytical, he’s been trained to turn off his emotions. He doesn’t want to love. And he certainly knows better than to get involved with a demon-possessed talya.

But this is what makes the book different than so many other paranormal romances. These two may fall into bed together fairly early — one of those primal instincts type things — but there are some heavy consequences and the scenes as their relationship develops are more mild than those before they understood or recognized their emotions. Alyce understands their bond intuitively, which isn’t a surprise as all her talya abilities have been innate. The man who examines talya life and records the warriors’ behavior has no clue.

He’s also kind of a dick for a third of the book. Really, for quite some time I only liked him while he was kissing Alyce. However — and it is a big however — he needs time to grow and change, and when he does you’ll be glad you stuck with Sid. He opens up and will make readers all sorts of gooey inside as he acknowledges his feelings for Alyce — then fights to prove it to her.

Darkness Undone has enough stop the bad guy action to keep crossover urban fantasy fans engaged and the kind of relationship development romance fans demand. Plus, Slade’s prose is straight-up cutting with wit. I’m a sucker for wry humor and the woman has it covered well.

Sexual content: Sex scenes

2 Responses to “Review: Darkness Undone by Jessa Slade (Marked Souls #4)”

  1. Kristin says:

    I’m glad you liked this one, and stuck it out for Sid 😀

  2. Okej I am going through all the revieu on the site and I eill try this one out. unfortunally I am always reding in order so for me it will always start on book nr 1

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