Review: Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione (Demonica #2)


Desire Unchained by Larissa IoneDesire Unchained (Demonica #2)
Larissa Ione
Published: 2009 (Forever)
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Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Note: You’re safe to read this review even if you haven’t read Pleasure Unbound. It’s completely spoiler free for this title and the series.

Unlike the first Demonica book, the hero and heroine in Desire Unchained have a history. Shade dated the human Runa for about a month. (You read about this briefly in Pleasure Unbound.) But Shade’s always been a playboy, accepting his nature as a kind of incubus. He’s always been about hitting up as many ladies as possible as often as possible. So, he’d play with the quiet and obedient Runa and then screw around with demons and vampires after she left. Until she caught him. And they broke up.

Upon leaving his place she was attacked and is now a werewolf. She’s grown strong, and no longer lets anyone dictate her actions. She’s spent the last year convincing herself she’s over the asshole Shade and trying to come to terms with being a werewolf.

And now she’s been kidnapped, locked in a dungeon cell and who do they throw in with her? Shade. And — damn it — he’s still hot.

The captors know about Shade’s curse. If he were to fall in love, he will fade away literally. He’ll be unable to feed, to touch and will be unable to be with the woman he loves. So, of course, they put him with Runa and force them to become a bonded pair. She’s not limited to him, but he can now never be with another woman. And his demonic side demands he have sex frequently. He needs Runa.

Expect these two to come to terms with who they are, who they’re meant to be and most of all with their feelings for one another. Is it worth dying to keep the other safe? Can they get beyond past hurts, traumas to be truly happy?

In addition to their story, we also get a good story of vengeance and a few OMG moments. Again, Larissa Ione has woven hot romance story, some emotional baggage and a whodunit into a quick-paced read. It’s a great choice for any paranormal romance fan.

Sexual content: Graphic sex scenes

Need more? Read an excerpt.

2 Responses to “Review: Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione (Demonica #2)”

  1. Denise says:

    I have not read this series, but your review sounds great – definitely more for my wishlist. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jen says:

    I just started this series a bit ago and LOVE it! While I was waiting for this one to come in I went ahead and read the first book of the next series, Lords of Deliverance, which is equally as good! I really like how there is crossover of characters in each book, but she changes the ‘main’ characters for each book. Additionally each book can really stand alone, although I’m reading the Demonica Series in order. (The Lords of Deliverence ALSO have some of the same players and I was a little bummed that I read that one ahead of the Demonica Series).

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