Review: Don’t Blackmail the Vampire by Tiffany Allee (Sons of Kane #2)


Don't Blackmail the Vampire by Tiffany Allee // VBC ReviewDont Blackmail the Vampire (Sons of Kane #2)
Tiffany Allee
Published: April 28, 2014 (Entangled)
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Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Mary

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Rachel’s sister is about to marry a major jerk. She has tried logic. She has tried reason. She has tried everything she can think of to change her sister’s mind and get her to dump Brent, the aforementioned jerk. At a ski weekend, Rachel meets Charles, and you can predict what happens next. Boy hits on girl. Girl shoots down boy. Boy turns out to be buddies with sister’s jerk fiancé. Girl catches boy drinking the blood of another girl in a dark alley.

The obvious solution to Rachel’s problem is to blackmail her new pal, Charles the vampire, to set up her sister’s fiancé in a compromising position, so she will have no choice but to dump him. What could go wrong?

It turns out Charles has his own agenda and reasons for keeping Brent close. Yet somehow, he keeps coming up with reasons to stay even closer to Rachel. Those nights in Colorado can get awfully cold and a vampire has to stay warm somehow, but will Rachel still want to cuddle and share bodily fluids when she finds out what Charles is really up to?

Tiffany Allee delivers another solid story with this installment. Her books are so easy to pick up and read. You never get that annoying ‘catch-up’ chapter. She gives background information so seamlessly that the pace of the story never suffers. Somehow, just by the nature of the prose, you become so familiar with the characters that you’ll find yourself thinking, ‘I know that guy’, which is especially impressive when the character is a vampire.

This author manages to blend completely ordinary situations with the paranormal in a way that is very natural. I have read several books by this author and Don’t Blackmail the Vampire is by far my favorite. Rachel and Charles are a great couple. They are lovers. They are co-conspirators. They fight. They give up. They try again. Charles may be a vampire but he’s that guy you can never forget.

This is a quick read that does not require reading the previous book to enjoy.  We all have those times when we barely have enough time to read road signs, let alone a full-length book. Dont Blackmail the Vampire is one of those shorter books that you can enjoy reading without a major time commitment.

Sexual content: Graphic sex

One Response to “Review: Don’t Blackmail the Vampire by Tiffany Allee (Sons of Kane #2)”

  1. Elmi says:

    Thanks to this review I checked out this book and ended up buying both this one and book #1. Then I bought a few more of her books after finishing these 2 in record time—I simply couldn’t stop reading. Thanks for this great find, I’ve become a solid Tiffany Allee fan!

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