Review: Ecstasy Untamed by Pamela Palmer (Feral Warriors #6)


Ecstasy Untamed by Pamela Palmer // VBC ReviewEcstasy Untamed (Feral Warriors #6)
Pamela Palmer
Published: Oct. 25, 2011 (Avon)
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Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Amy

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

Note: While this review will be spoiler free, it will reference the previous book in the series.

After his entrapment at the hands of the Mage and subsequent release afterwards, the disconnection between Hawke and his animal spirit is getting worse by the day. Fighting for control, the hawk has started taking over and flying free leaving Hawke missing hours at a time. He knows it’s something that needs attention right away, but when a newly marked Feral makes contact with the house, things get set aside. And when multiple newly marked Ferals begin showing up, the warriors believe this is the break they’ve been waiting for in order to beat the Mage.

Faith has lived on her own since her enclave abandoned her nearly a century before. Because of this, she’s made it her mission to help teens on the street. She moves around every few years trying to make a difference. This is how she meets up with Maxim. Newly marked to be a Feral warrior, Maxim and Faith know immediately they are meant to be mates. Faith agrees to leave with Maxim to go to Feral house. What she finds when she arrives is an attraction to a hawk shifter and the feeling like Maxim isn’t what he seems to be.

I liked the turn that Ecstasy Untamed took. As opposed to the threat being outside the house with the Mage or the Daemons, Pamela Palmer decided to bring things closer to home. I think, so far, she’s done a great job with mixing things up and keeping it fresh. With the timeline between the books so close together, there’s a potential for repetitiveness.

I especially liked the different approach taken with our heroine, Faith. Trying to avoid spoilers, the storyline given to Faith was ultimately a natural progression of the series. It was just something that, until I was immersed in the book, I never would have thought about. On the downside, Faith’s transformation is something that could indeed require more pages or stories as she develops over time. The way the series is written, with a new warrior and his lady each book, I feel like there won’t be time or room for this. It is probably one of my bigger overall complaints with the series; how oftentimes I feel like there’s more to tell about certain warriors and their mates, but once their specific book is finished they get pushed to the side to only briefly make an appearance later.

I liked the idea of the obstacle between Faith and Hawke being together (in the form of Maxim), but I thought the execution was slightly off. From the moment we understood Maxim’s motivations and his true interest in Faith it was already over. I can forgive this though because the pacing of these books has always been quick and to be able to include all the challenges put before the warriors, focus can only be kept on one problem at a time. And Palmer was sure to include a big problem at the end of this book.

As always, can’t wait to read the next and find out how our Feral warriors will get out of this next problem.

Sexual content: Graphic sex

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