Review: Enemy Mine by Karin Harlow (L.O.S.T. #2)


Enemy Mine by Karin Harlow (L.O.S.T. #2)Enemy Mine (L.O.S.T. #2)
Karin Harlow
Published: Aug. 2011 (Pocket)
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Review by: Candace

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

I like to start reviews off with a quote that signifies the depth of love between the hero and heroine. In this case, there isn’t one. For the entire novel, Karin Harlow weaves an emotional landscape full of heartbreak and life-altering love between the hero and heroine.

In love and expecting a baby, Nikko has to leave Selena alone for a little while. When he returns, she is no longer heavily pregnant and informs Nikko that she aborted their daughter. Fraught with grief, he chokes the life out of Selena, is convicted of her murder and escapes prison only to find himself working with L.O.S.T, a U.S. government agency that deals with the most unsavory of criminals. Their existence is known only by a select few and Nikko fades into anonymity (and a new identity) with L.O.S.T.

Selena, who is, indeed, alive, finds herself tracking a cask of enriched uranium. She comes across a mortally wounded Nikko, injured in the line of duty, and gives him a dose of Rev, a black market vampire blood along with a few other things. Nikko makes a full recovery, haunted by hearing the woman he thought was dead begging him not to die, and saving his life. He also has heightened hearing, unbelievable strength, a new thirst for blood and a sexual appetite unlike anything he has ever experienced before.

This story abounds with plot twists. Selena is working for the producer of the Rev, a substance that carries a death sentence by the Order (the supernatural law enforcers who employ the vampire Marcus Cross from book one). She also allies with Senor, who does not have the good intentions that Selena believes he has.

Selena works for people who want the uranium. The U.S. government employing Cruz wants the uranium. Terrorists, as well as Selena’s father the Daemon Prince in charge of Hell, also want it. Let’s throw in a further twist. Joran, the nearly 1,000-year-old vampire who is the Rev pusher, is likeable. In fact, Karin, if you are reading this, I beg of you to please tell Joran’s story. It’s been done before. Check the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Joran has the very same possibilities as Rehvenge and I want his story just as bad.

Can a man forgive the woman that he believes has killed his daughter? Can the woman look past the fact that the man she loves tried to kill her? In short, hell yes and this is why Harlow’s understated popularity is heartbreaking to me. The woman tells a story like Hendrix played guitar. She is a master. There may be tears when you discover that not all is as it seems to be.

Word of warning though, these books are dark. There is no humor. All of the characters involved are killers. The big fight scene at the end happens after a group of terrorists appear. This is supernatural creatures battling threats that can be very real. Enriched uranium with terrorists trying to get their hands on it. The only difference is that the residents of hell want a piece of the action. But hey, if you know politicians, maybe you can see the similarities.

Go get this book, as well as book one, Enemy Lover. Read in order. But be prepared. As I stated earlier, these are dark. But Harlow tells a story like she was born to do it. I am very glad that I looked into the eyes of Marcus Cross and gave L.O.S.T. a chance.

Sexual content: Graphic sex

4 Responses to “Review: Enemy Mine by Karin Harlow (L.O.S.T. #2)”

  1. Mel Thomas says:

    This is the first I’ve read about this series and you sold me on it. I’m all about some violent, dark, smexy goodness. Great review.

  2. Candace says:

    You’ve got it, Mel. The fights are not pretty, the guys are all hardasses and the women can fight their own. Harlow’s world is a hard one but it’s pretty cool to go along for the ride.

  3. SharonS says:

    cool! I read the first one and I have this too, but haven’t gotten to read it yet. Glad it will be worth it!

  4. Candace says:

    It will be. Go for it!

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