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Faefever (Fever #3) by Karen Marie MoningFaefever (Fever #3)
Karen Marie Moning

Published: 2008
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Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

The previous fever books left me wanting more — more Mac, more Barrons, more V’lane. And we get all of that in droves with Faefever. The third book in this five-novel series is a turning point for both our lead character, MacKayla Lane, and the series itself. Both become darker by the end of Faefever. Mac has always said she can’t go back home yet, but will she ever be able to return to Georgia?

Hot guys are everywhere in sidhe-seer MacKayla’s life now, but instead of being able to indulge in some eye candy, she’s sifting through who to trust, who to kill and how she’s going to keep the world from turning into an Unseelie-induced hell.

Honestly, things just get crazy in Faefever. We get more of Seelie Prince V’lane, who is on his best behavior and doing his best to convince Mac to trust him. We see more of Barrons, including him teaching Mac about Voice (creepy!). (Though, we still don’t know what he is, and he’s dodging those questions and ones about his history with V’lane just as stealthily as always.) Rowena has proved herself to be a big problem, but Mac still wants involvement with the other sidhe seers. Add in some Scottish Druids, a foul-mouthed teen and a whole new side of Inspector Jayne, and you can see determining who are the good guys is easily becoming muddied.

We do get some answers, in Faefever, though. Mac learns more about the ancient evil book she’s been hunting. Everyone claims it will strengthen the walls between the mortal realm and Faery, but after experiencing it first-hand, she now knows just how big this fight has become and her role in it.

Faefever is intense. The drama, the danger, the Barrons-Mac tension all get ratcheted up to insane levels. More so than the earlier books, this is a single-sitting novel. Yes, it’s a quick read, but really I say that because you will need to keep reading. Darkness is creeping in on Dublin, and you want to know what can stop it.

The end is a jaw-dropper. Karen Marie Moning likes to end on cliffhangers. This one will floor you. We won’t spoil it, but we’ll suggest you be prepared to start Dreamfever (Fever #4) immediately thereafter.

4 Responses to “Review: Faefever by Karen Marie Moning”

  1. Was this, or was this not, another *THROW THE BOOK ACROSS THE ROOM* End for you?! I was so pissed when this book was over and went and saw just how long we had to wait for Shadowfever LOL! I can’t believe Shadowfever is almost here…. you did the SMART thing and held off on reading this series until now. I read them when they came out and had nobody to warn me of the cliffhangers and seriously, I was emotionally traumatized!!!! LOL 2 more months to go! Great review 🙂

  2. Absolutely a throw the book ending. I can see it being totally purposeful, and it’s plot-driven for sure, but still…evil ending. LOL.

  3. Patti Akers says:

    If you thought the cliffhanger was bad at the end of this one you might want to hold off on Dreamfever that was a throw it across the room and start ranting and raving like a crazy woman ending. I mean it was in mid scene – really, really bad. I thought there was another chapter and I still had more to read nope it was the glossary at the end of the book. I am waiting until January to reread the series – yes I borrowed them from the library the first time around but am buying them this time LOL. This is my favorite series but I so didn’t like the way Dreamfever ended since we had to wait soooo long for the ending. I will be at the store when they open the day it comes out for Shadowfever.

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