Review: Hunter’s Fall by Shiloh Walker (The Hunters #13)


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Hunter's Fall by Shiloh WalkerHunter’s Fall (The Hunters #13)
Shiloh Walker
Published: June 7, 2011 (Berkley)
Purchase at: Book Depository or Amazon

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

One of the things I love best about Shiloh Walker’s writing is the very thing that made reading Hunter’s Fall difficult at times: She’s too good at making the complexities of human emotion come alive. Walker never shies away from the hard, painful aspects of life — they are the very things that can later bring joy. And Hunter’s Fall gives us both true emotional pain and real, honest hope.

It was an emotionally taxing ride, but well worth the fare.

Nessa is the most powerful witch among the Hunters. (For those not familiar with the series, Hunters are supernatural types who take out bad paranormal folk.) She’s also spent the last 500 years of her life searching for her husband. He died in her arms centuries ago after townspeople discovered her as a witch. He vowed to return to her. And she’s waited. But years of loneliness and heartbreak put a strain on Nessa. And after battling a young witch with a nasty taste for blood magic, she finds herself now living in Morgan’s body with the blood witch’s ghost clinging to her. She becomes depressed and Morgan’s memory antagonizes her into reckless behavior.

Dominic has always dreamed of Nessa. Even before he was turned vampire and joined the Hunters, he’s dreamed of her. For years they were together in his dreams, but lately he’s forced to watch her make stupid decisions and is unable to touch her. He thinks he may be going crazy, but a trip to the Hunters’ HQ finds him picking up her scent and learning that not only is his dream woman real, but is his wife from a past life.

Unfortunately, Nessa’s gone missing. She doesn’t remember who she truly is and the only person who can find her is Dominic. The question is: When he gets there will she remember who he is? Will love be enough to pull her away from dangerous actions? And what happens when you give up hope, only to get the one thing you’ve longed for?

Early on, I thought Hunter’s Fall might have a predictable pattern. (No fault to Shiloh, but when you throw in amnesia….) But, of course, I was wrong. Sure, I predicted a few of the early twists, but Walker didn’t make things easy for Dominic or Nessa. She forces them to confront fears, and sometimes those reactions aren’t ideal. That said, and it’s not a spoiler because it’s paranormal romance, you will get your HEA.

And while you do not need to have read any previous Hunters novels to read, appreciate and love Hunter’s Fall, those who have will definitely enjoy the big doses of Malachi and Kelsey.

Sexual content: A few graphic sex scenes


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