Review: House Immortal by Devon Monk (House Immortal #1)


House Immortal by Devon Monk // VBC ReviewHouse Immortal (House Immortal #1)
Devon Monk
Published: Sept. 2, 2014 (Roc)
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Reviewed by: Amy

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

In the year 2210, the world is run by various color-coded Houses that control the world’s resources (i.e. water, technology, minerals, etc.). Each House yearns for more power.

Matilda Case has always known she was different. It’s hard to miss the stitches marking her body showing that she’s been sewn together. Under the impression that she was one of her father’s myriad of creations, she’s taken by surprise when a stranger shows up on her doorstep, stitched like her, telling her enemies are on their way to “claim”her, and it would be in her best interest to go with him.

Abraham Seventh is a galvanized, one of twelve that woke up after an experiment gone wrong killed everyone else in the vicinity. The Twelve woke up and were stitched back together, and they are immortal. Over the years, and through shifting of power, the galvanized find themselves in the employ of the Houses. Galvanized are strong beyond measure and cannot be killed, they’ve achieved great feats of valor over the years and are looked upon as celebrities. They elevate the status of any House, and Matilda is the newly discovered, as yet unknown, 13th galvanized. There is nothing the Houses won’t do to be the one to control her. Despite their power, the galvanized have no rights, so Matilda can be claimed without any say in the matter.

What we learn right away about Matilda is she is not okay with anyone telling her what to do. She’s had to be self-sufficient from a young age, and some stranger telling her where to go does not sit well. There’s also the fact that since her parents’ murder was committed by a House years ago and her brother is currently (she thinks) indentured to one, she’s not easy to trust a galvanized under House control. But seeing no other way to keep her family home safe, she agrees to go with Abraham Seventh, and she learns that the seeds of deceit run deep in this futuristic society.

I absolutely love the homage to Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. Its a classic for a reason, and the galvanized in Monks House Immortal also struggle with being seen as monsters. People toggle back and forth with worshiping the galvanized and fearing them. What I was more surprised, but happy, to find was the mystery surrounding the galvanized. Why it was only twelve that survived the experiment and what it could possibly mean. To elaborate too much would give things away, but suffice it to say I’m looking forward to how Devon Monk resolves everything.

It’s a very twisty-turny world that Matilda has to navigate through. I appreciated that several of the characters throughout the story reiterate the world history because as you go about reading the book and learn new and interesting things, the information you understood before could take on a whole new meaning.

Devon Monk has crafted a fine beginning to a new series with House Immortal. I was rooting for the good guys and the bad guys were truly vile. Not knowing who to trust throws a wrench in many situations and dual/shifting loyalties will always cause a good conflict. We are left on a slightly nail-biting cliffhanger, but with book two, Infinity Bell, coming out in March 2015, I keep telling myself it’s not too long of a wait…Right?

Sexual content: References to sex

2 Responses to “Review: House Immortal by Devon Monk (House Immortal #1)”

  1. I’m shuffling my TBR pile right now to move this to the top. Seriously.

  2. Margaret says:

    Just finished this one. Loved it!

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