Review: Love Me to Death by Marissa Clarke (Underveil #1)


Love Me to Death by Marissa Clarke // VBC ReviewLove Me to Death (Underveil #1)
Marissa Clarke
Published: Oct. 28, 2014 (Entangled: Select)
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Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Amy

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

Elena Arcos lives a pretty ordinary life. That all changes after she’s shot in a convenience store hold-up. She should be dead, instead she finds herself alive and kidnapped by a handsome stranger who is convinced Elena’s father killed his father years ago and now he’s bent on revenge. To top it all off, the stranger also thinks her father was a vampire and that it’s only a matter of time before Elena becomes one too.

Nikolai Itzov is a Slayer. Part of a race of immortals descended from Azrael charged with the policing of other races of the Underveil consisting of vampires, shifters, elves, etc. He’s waited years to get revenge for the death of his father. When his uncle tells him where to find Gregor Arcos’ offspring to mete out his payback, Nikolai is surprised to find the woman is human. His principles keep him from killing humans so he figures he’ll kidnap Elena until she makes the transformation.

Things don’t add up when Nik and Elena become targeted by others Slayers. There is no love lost between Nik and vampires, but complications arise when he finds himself attracted to Elena. All that has to be put on hold, however, while they fight for their lives and figure out why Elena’s death is so important.

There is a lot that happens in Love Me to Death. Going back through everything to write this review it’s a little staggering all that occurs from the beginning to the end. I wasn’t quite prepared for a story of almost epic proportions when I began, but Marissa Clarke handles everything really well within the page limits of the book. The book also wonderfully sets up further stories for the secondary characters in the series.

Nik basically already hates Elena even before he lays eyes on her. Not only for the role her father played in the death of Nik’s father, but the fact that she’s a vampire. There’s a perfect conflict of interest between Nik’s upbringing, his “duty,” and the emotional connection he feels to a person he should consider a monster. I kinda liked seeing the losing battle, as it were, between his head and his heart. And when the inevitable happens and these two finally get together, my oh my is it hoooooot. I should also mention that Love Me to Death has, in my opinion, has one of the sexiest vampire transformations Ive ever read, ever.

Let’s not forget Elena’s side of the story, however. She’s just as conflicted about Nik as he is about her. I mean he basically kidnaps her and promises to kill her, but she too can’t deny he is easy on the eyes and as a bonus has a pretty spectacular ass. However, she is definitely the character who changes the most in the book and she has to struggle with keeping herself safe in this new world/role she’s been propelled into. Because of her inexperience at times Elena could be frustrating, but as a whole she’s very thoughtful, shrewd, and intelligent. When she commits to something, she commits wholeheartedly.

Youll really enjoy this if you love a book that is both heavy on the romance as well as showcases a slightly different take on vamps and shifters. I’m very interested to see which character’s story will get told, and what direction Clarke takes with the series next.

Sexual content: graphic Sex

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  1. *grabby hands*

    I need to read this book. Immediately.

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