Review: Moonlight and Diamonds by Michele Hauf


Moonlight and Diamonds by Michele Hauf // VBC ReviewMoonlight and Diamonds
Michele Hauf
Published: April 1, 2015 (Harlequin Nocturne)
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Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for and honest review

Reviewed by: Jannelle

Rating (out of 5): 3.5 stars

Blyss Sauveterre is a Parisian socialite art gallery owner and a werewolf who has been taking pills for the last few years in order to suppress her werewolf form and seem human. These pills, however, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a year’s supply and Blyss has run out—of both pills and money. The only way to get her hands on those pills is by stealing a diamond from her own gallery exhibit and getting it back to her dealer. The other problem? She has to use an innocent man attending one of her exhibits as her means of getting the diamond out of her gallery. This innocent man is Stryke Saint-Pierre, on vacation in Paris (where the novel takes place), and an up and coming werewolf pack alpha in America.

I loved the immediate connection between Stryke and Blyss. They are on fire when they are together and their continued intensity together helped them develop emotionally as individuals. Stryke has a lot on his plate but he is easy-going enough that the majority of the attention in Moonlight and Diamonds falls on Blyss, though we get most of the action from Stryke’s point of view. While he is easy-going, when it comes to Blyss he loses his patience easily and we get to see the entertaining consequences to his actions.

Blyss’ characters truly transforms throughout the novel. Initially, she seemed unapproachable and definitely unrelatable—she was all high society and brand name everything. Initially, it was hard for me to get through her chapters because I couldn’t understand her way of living. Thanks to her blossoming relationship with Stryke (and I use the world ‘relationship’ loosely, here), she begins to come out of her shell and face her biggest fear–her werewolf.

Funnily enough, what seems to be a complicated plot point with the mysterious diamond, got solved easily enough that I was left slightly dissatisfied. Honestly, I was hoping for a bit more action and mystery. The positive here is that where the action missed a step, the romance made up for it because Moonlight and Diamonds was all about the romance.

Overall, I gave 3.5 stars to Moonlight and Diamonds. The plot moved steadily enough and the chemistry between Blyss and Stryke was so intense that it was the end of the book before I knew it. If you’re a paranormal romance lover, you cannot miss Moonlight and Diamonds.

Sexual content: graphic sex

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