Release-Day Review: Moonstruck by Lauren Dane (Diablo Lake #1)


Moonstruck by Lauren Dane // VBCMoonstruck (Diablo Lake #1)
Lauren Dane
Published: June 20, 2016 (Carina Press)
Purchase: Amazon
Review Source: Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Chelsea

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

I’m an unabashed Lauren Dane fan and have been auto-buying her contemporary romances for a long time, but I always love it most when she visits the paranormal side. (I absolutely adore her Bound by Magick series, and suggest you pick up Heart of Darkness ASAP for a whole lot of “mine” goodness.)

So, yes, I totally jumped on Moonstruck. Werewolves plus magic plus Lauren Dane? SOLD. And I’m happy to report it lives up to the expectations. One of the things that is often standout in her work is the large family/friend dynamic. In this element Moonstruck is no exception.

Katie Faith moves back to Diablo Lake after her father has a stint in the hospital, which is rough for her because she fled following a pretty embarrassing left-at-the-altar moment. She wanted to pretend she doesn’t belong in her small hometown of shifters and witches, but she really does. Her magic is thriving, and that makes the two shifter packs (one with her ex and one with the super sexy next-door neighbor) want to argue over who she belongs to. Katie Faith belongs to herself, damn it, and hero Jace knows it. He won’t fall into the traps of others or the old “traditions” of his father.

Moonstruck is straight-up trope-y goodness with paranormal spice. You have lovers who are fated for one another—expect some quick desire to claim, but a whole lot of family obstacles making for delicious delays—class warfare, second-chance romance, and the perfect small-town setting. The secondary characters are fully developed, which makes me excited to see how the others’ stories will come together in later books.

It’s a light paranormal romance that offers some good laugh-out-loud moments and a comfortable feel for anyone who enjoys small-town romances of any persuasion. It’s a good start to a new series, and I’m excited to read more adventures in Diablo Lake.

Sexual content: Graphic sex

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  1. Leona says:

    I have not read a Lauren Dane but I have to admit, my interest is standing at attention! Great review!

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