Review: My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding by Angie Fox (Biker Witches Mystery #5)


My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding by Angie Fox // VBC ReviewMy Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding (A Biker Witches Mystery #5)
Angie Fox
Published: June 28, 2013 (Angie Fox)
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Reviewed by: Mary

Rating (out of 5): 3 stars

Lizzy is a demon slayer, part angel, and is backed up by a badass gang of geriatric biker witches. She is also being hunted by the Earl of Hell. If you are going to make enemies, definitely make royal enemies.

She is also getting married to Dimitri, her sworn guardian. Gorgeous, Greek, and a griffin to boot, Dimitri is everything she wants in a husband. A big wedding was not what Lizzy had planned, but her mother Hillary will not take ‘no’ for an answer. The perfect society wedding is the only option for this mother-of-the-bride and the biker witches, dragons, griffins, and random ghosts all threaten to ruin the big day and expose Lizzy’s identity to her mother’s society friends.

While traveling to the wedding location, Lizzy stumbles on an old graveyard and its resident ghost. As more strange things occur leading up to the wedding, Lizzy has to get to work and work to keep it from her mother. Dimitri is usually the one who helps Lizzy and watches her back, but Hillary wants to keep tradition alive and the bride and groom apart. Lizzy has to battle the forces of evil and her mother to get through this wedding week with her sanity and powers intact.

My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding walks a really fine line between comedy and parody. It just might be a little over the top, even for me. The book was enjoyable and easy to pick up even if you haven’t read the previous books. However, it had too many fantastical elements: biker grandmas, a talking (telepathically, of course) dog, the pet dragon, a family of Griffiths, ghosts, magic lockets, murdering dresses, and the Earl of Hell. Oh my.

In the first half of the book, each chapter brought a new thing that made the story more and more of a farce. Toward the end of the book, as Lizzy got more involved in solving the mystery, the story gained some momentum and piqued my interest enough to overcome my mental-eye roll every time she and the dog had a conversation.

Overall, this was definitely a fun installment to series that is easy to pick up at any point (always a plus for me). However, I had a lot of trouble taking this book seriously. At several points, the story just seemed to be out of control. I would have enjoyed this book if the story had focused more on the mystery and less on including so many crazy wedding stereotypes.

Sexual content: Since the wedding is soon, there are lots of sexual encounters that keep getting interrupted. Still, our couple finds time for some graphic quickies in the dirt!

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