Review: One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay Sands (Argeneau #19)


One Lucky Vampire by Lynsay SandsOne Lucky Vampire (Argeneau #19)
Lynsay Sands
Published: September 24, 2013 (Avon Books)
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Reviewed by: Candace

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

Sometimes, when a series goes on, you wonder when the author will stop. But then, something happens like a resurgence of energy, and the reader stays captivated, instead of wishing for an end.  Such is this reviewer’s opinion of the Argeneau novels.

Stephano (a.k.a. Jake) did not begin his immortal life in a happy way. Like Lissi, Lucern, Etienne, Bastien, Thomas, Christian and many other of our favorite characters in this series, immortals can be born into the life and not go through an adjustment because that is all they know. Jake’s mother is the life mate to Roberto Notte and gave birth to Neil, Jake’s half-brother. On his 18th birthday, the life-long fan of horror movies, who only knew vampires to be the bad guys in the movies, discovered that his mother, half-brother and stepfather were all immortals. Jake ran.

Jake eventually became Vincent Argeneau’s daytime VP, and there he was attacked. Vincent used his one turn to save Stephano/Jake. Years later, currently at the beginning of One Lucky Vampire, Jake does Marguerite a favor. And Argeneau readers know what it usually means when Marguerite calls in a favor.

Enter Nicole. She’s a successful artist who has two weeks left before her divorce is final.  Accidents have happened all around her, which makes Marguerite feel that her life may be in danger. That brings Jake into her world.

Here is the beauty of this story. Jake is resistant to being an immortal. He has no interest in finding a life mate. Nicole is almost divorced from an arrogant ass who did not work, choosing to live off of his wife’s success. Jake has no clue about some of the things our immortals in prior books are aware of—such as the intensity of life mate sex, or whether or not the change will hurt, because he was wounded to an unconscious state when his change happened.

One Lucky Vampire was refreshing. Seeing acceptance of immortality through Jake’s eyes was a step of brilliance. Watching Nicole realize that she was in love, with help from Jake’s mother, was smile-worthy. And again, as Lynsay Sands is consistent in doing, we see beloved characters from prior novels.

VBC fans, I am so happy to report that the next book Vampire Most Wanted (Feb, 18, 2014) is Basha Argeneau and Marcus Notte.  An Argeneau and a Notte – there should be sparks with this one!

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