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Pack by Jeaniene Frost // VBC ReviewPack
Jeaniene Frost
Published: August 4, 2015 (NYLA)
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Review source: purchased

Reviewed by: Jannelle

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Marlee is finally where she wanted to be: hiking in Yellowstone National Park. After years of planning and putting off her desires, she finds herself hiking alone and hunted by a group of seemingly intelligent wolves. Unable to defend herself against their attacks, Marlee is bitten and then saved by another pack of wolves that aid and defend her when the initial attack turns fatal.

Waking up days later, Marlee discovers that she was really attacked by werewolves and that she might turn into one, according to the pack enforcer, Daniel. Even if she doesn’t turn, Marlee must remain with Daniel as they evaluate her reaction to this newly discovered knowledge and decide if she poses a threat to the pack—in which case she must be dealt with accordingly (read: death).

Looking back, Marlee and Daniel’s meeting and overall relationship felt fated. Jeaniene Frost staged their development together in a way that felt natural and definitely questionable on Marlee’s behalf. I found myself giggling more than once at Marlee’s mention of Stockholm Syndrome and using it as an excuse for her undeniable attraction to Daniel. No spoilers here, but all I will say is that there was an unquestionable connection from the beginning that was instantly deep and had me anticipating the scenes that explored the growth of their relationship.

Pack was a fantastic novella. It had all the elements that I look forward to in a novel, but a lot more concise and to the point. There was some action, multifaceted protagonists—both Marlee and Daniel had their own mysterious and complex backstories—and a steadily paced plot that kept the storyline moving even when there was simply dialogue. Although the basic storyline of ‘girl gets bitten by werewolf and werewolf pack kidnaps her to determine her feelings/actions’ felt similar to other series, Frost did a wonderful job at creating a believable world that was not stereotypical and gimmicky, thus creating a world that was both unique and grudgingly familiar.

On the same token (loving the full-length feels in a small package), I feel that this book would have been better had it been a full-length novel; it has incredible potential for a standalone and so much could be done if this world is turned into a series. Honestly, this is the part that makes me hesitate to increase my rating on Pack. It was a great story but I felt that there was a glass wall up where you can see how much more room Marlee and Daniel’s relationship could have grown into and what they could have experienced on their way there… but there was no time.

Overall, Pack was a quick and easy read. I loved Frost’s take on werewolves and I’m not-so-silently hoping for more werewolf themed novels from her in the future. Whether you’re a fan of Frost’s Night Huntress series (that would be me) or new to the Jeaniene Frost world of kick-ass paranormal romance/urban fantasy novels, pick up Pack–you won’t be disappointed.

Sexual content: graphic sex

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