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Scorched by Erica Hayes // VBC ReviewScorched
Erica Hayes
Published: May 22, 2014 (HarperImpulse)
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Review source: copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Reviewed by: Jill

Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

         “My name is Verity Fortune. Im not a bad person. I dont deserve this.”

This is this litany that gets Verity though nine months of physical and psychological torture in an insane asylum, which is where you meet in her in beginning of Scorched. Her memory is spotty, and she constantly questions what’s real and what’s not, so she holds on to those three sentences tightly. When she escapes she meets up with her family.

Now, bare with me through this, because when I explain it, it’s going to sound ridiculously cheesy, and in the beginning of the novel you might agree, but the end sucks you in hook, line and sinker. What gets you at first is the questions (Why is she breaking out of an insane asylum? Why are we suddenly talking about super powers?), then the action, then the characters, then the reveal…woah. So cool. This is a book that youll be reading until 4 a.m., for sure.

The Fortune family is a family of ‘Augments’ (basically superheroes, each person with their own special power) who fight an evil augment organization called The Gallery. Each augment keeps their identity a secret, because of augment-hating groups that would persecute them. So, they each have a secret identity and persona. Verity Fortune’s persona is ‘The Seeker’, an augment that can use telekinetic powers. Her brother, Adonis Fortune, has a persuasive augment that allows him to convince people that they want to do what he’s telling them to do (basically charms their socks off.) I know, cheesy right, but stay with me.

This was not the type of book that I typically read. I usually like to read more action-filled books than emotional ones. Don’t get me wrong though, this book had lots of both. But the emotional and psychological journeys in Scorched were powerful. At the beginning though, I had a hard time buying into everything, especially the fact that she remembered nearly everything, but was conveniently missing key facts. Like her father’s telephone number for example.

Verity is trying to piece together her past, and her missing memories of the night her father was killed. She meets a computer genius type character named “Glimmer,” whose augment is being able to create illusions. They uncover lots of different secrets that points them in the direction of Vincent Caine, an anti-augment politician whom Verity is oddly drawn to.

The ending…my notes while I was reading this book just say, ‘I can’t even.’ Scorched was an awesome, jaw-dropping, emotional roller coaster. I will definitely be picking up the next book when it comes out.

Sexual content: (intense) kissing

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