Review: Succubus Dreams (Georgina Kincaid #3)


Succubus Dreams
Richelle Mead

Published: 2008
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Rating (out of 5): 4 stars

Succubus Dreams was utterly engaging with plot and prose to keep readers rapt.

Succubus Georgina Kincaid is doing her best to balance her demon-promised duties and her relationship with mortal Seth Mortensen. The two love each other, and do their best to make things work, but Georgina refuses to give in and kiss Seth for more than a few moments. His soul is so pure, and the succubus part of her would quickly pull years off his life for a taste of someone so good. The no-sex thing would be much easier if she didn’t have to sleep with other men to exist.

After her latest fix of a good soul, Georgina climbs into bed next to a sleeping Seth. And she dreams. It feels so real, and the content is so simple: her washing dishes, a little girl playing in the next room. She awakes and nearly all the energy she gained the night before is gone. She’s just as low as before. No one can explain what might have happened, and her boss arch-demon Jerome has no interest in hearing about some fluke drain on energy.

But the dreams continue – always the same scenario – and so does the energy drain. Georgina is the only one overly concerned about this repeat drain, though she utilizes some human resources to look into the issue. To add to her stress, the imp who bartered for her soul is in town with a new succubus – one she’s expected to train. The stress makes her neglect other elements of her life, only adding to the strain of the energy loss.

If that isn’t relatable to everyone, I don’t know what is. That’s the beauty of Richelle Mead’s writing. The characters are real, not just in their dialogue and actions but also with their thought processes. The more we pile on, the more we take for granted the good parts of our lives. Georgina does just that and then some. She’s a strong, stubborn woman, and that leads to her being proud and protective. She makes decisions for Seth and elects to not tell him about certain things to keep him safe. No one likes that, especially not your boyfriend.
With so many things to juggle something is bound to fall, and we feel that pain when it hits. It’s a testament to Richelle Mead’s character development that gut-wrenching scenes in her novels have readers flashing back to similar scenarios in their pasts and/or weeping. We feel for her characters, not just Georgina.

Succubus Dreams is more relationship driven than the previous two Succubus books. There’s still the standard “big bad” to deal with, but things are never black-and-white and I expect we’ll see events of this novel revisited as the series continues.

The first book in the Georgina Kincaid series is Succubus Blues. If you like the Succubus books, I recommend picking up the Vampire Academy novels (don’t be discouraged by visiting the YA section, the series is amazing).

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