Review: Tainted Blood by M.L. Brennan (Generation V #3)


Tainted Blood by M.L. Brennan // VBC ReviewTainted Blood (Generation V #3)
M.L. Brennan
Published: Nov. 4, 2014 (ROC)
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Reviewed by: Margaret

Rating (out of 5): 4.5 stars

Note: While review will be spoiler free, it does make reference to previous books in the series.If you haven’t started yet, check out VBC’s review of Generation V.

In Iron Night Fortitude Scott began his transition to full vampire and started working in the family business: ruling over New England’s supernatural community. Now, with both his brother Chivalry and sister Prudence temporarily unavailable, he’s taking an even bigger role. The Scotts are asked to investigate the murder of the alpha of the werebears, who are less than enthused that the youngest Scott is the one that’s sent. Over the course of the investigation, Fort makes some new allies and learns that his is far from the only dysfunctional supernatural family in town.

I really like the way M.L. Brennan is building on the mythology in each successive book. Fort learns several new things about the supernatural world in this one, mostly dealing with marriage and succession within the different species. He also starts to be conscious of supernatural politics for the first time. Fort’s mother is fading and the other groups are looking to him to be their voice within the new regime, though no one knows for certain who the next leader might be. Fort also expresses a lot of opinions about real world politics, which shows how human he still is compared to his siblings, but also makes his world feel more familiar.

I also really love seeing what new creatures Brennan adds to the world in each book. Tainted Blood introduces the werebears, and provides additional insight about the witches, the kitsune and the ghouls. And of course, it adds to the truly unique vampire mythos that makes this series so special. There’s also a sea creature that looks like the love child of Lord Voldemort and Ursula the Sea Witch!

I really only have a few minor complaints about Tainted Blood. I solved the mystery before Fort did and I’m never sure if I should be proud of myself or annoyed with the author when that happens. I also think I may have found the Most Ridiculous Character Name Ever (I briefly considered creating a trophy) with the witch Valentine Sassoon. I kept trying to read it as Vidal and the image the name conjures in my mind is absolutely nothing like the character is described. I actually liked Valentine, though, and I think he’s going to show up again in the series.

This book opens with a funeral, and though it ends in a much happier place, I felt a little melancholy throughout. Much of what Fort learns about his family and his species is tragic. And some of the implications that aren’t addressed have me worried. Suzume, as always, is the bright spot in all that darkness, though even she seems a little more subdued than usual. But she has one particular prank, or maybe it’s more of a running gag, that injects some much needed silliness throughout the book.

This series is not one that blows me away with its action scenes—though Tainted Blood does have its moments—but one that makes me think. It left me wondering what everything that Fort learned about supernatural couples might mean for his relationship with Suzume, what everything he learned about vampires might mean for his future and what his siblings might do if they found themselves in charge. I cant wait for the next book to find out if any of my theories are right!

Sexual content: scenes of a sensual nature


2 Responses to “Review: Tainted Blood by M.L. Brennan (Generation V #3)”

  1. dr susan says:

    I loved Tainted Blood!! I have theories, too!!

  2. Danielle says:

    This was so good! Love Suzume.

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